Sunday , April 11 2021

How to clean the pacifier of the baby? The mother's saliva can be protective

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By Erika Edwards

The latest research on the prevention of allergies in children will reassure parents or absorb them completely.

The discovery: sucking your baby's pacifier to clean can mean that little Olivia or Milo will be less likely to develop allergies.

"The microbes that a child is exposed in childhood can affect the way the immune system develops," Dr. Eliane Abou-Jaoude, an allergy and immunology at the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit and the lead author of the new study. In this case, it seems that beneficial microbes can come from the mother's mouth.

Abou-Jaoude and colleagues followed 128 new mothers for a year and a half after giving birth, periodically asking them how to clean their baby's pacifiers.

Of the 74 whose babies used one, most werehed them by hand; 41 percent took a step further by sterilizing devices. But 12 percent just opened the binky in their own hands to clear them.

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