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"I will not go back": the deputies of California killed wanted them to be absent in the middle of cleaning the Camp Fire

A burned vehicle is in Paradise, California, or Thursday. (David Paul Morris / Bloomberg)

Law enforcement in Northern California currently participates in one of the largest search and rescue missions in the history of the state, gathering the charred remains of the Camp Fire that broke through the region as of last week. At least 63 people were reported dead and 631 others are currently missing, The Washington Post reported Thursday night.

But in the middle of the logistic challenges involved in cleaning and evacuation, the deputies were involved in a deadly vehicle chase and fired on Thursday with a criminal who wanted for suspected murder. The episode is developed within the evacuation zone in Butte County, California., a blow more affected by the region by the conflagration.

The authorities have not yet published the name of the 48-year-old man killed in the meeting. However, the prosecutor of the Butte district, Mike Ramsey, detailed the meeting to journalists on Thursday night.

"We had an official filming," he solemnly said at the beginning of his comments.

The situation started at 11:00 p.m. on Thursday in the parking lot of the Yankee Hill Pines Hardware Store, an outlet of mom and pop from Interstate 70 pressed against a nearby hill. A deputy from the County Sheriff of Butte was patrolling the area when a citizen reported that a car was parked on the lot during the last three days. The deputy responded to the scene, noticing a sedan trapped with live supplies in the lot. A man seemed to sleep in the driver's seat.

"It seems he was living in his car," said Ramsey.

When the deputy headed the car's information, the system regained some disturbing details.

"Enrollment returned to a topic that was known to the sheriff's office as an armed and dangerous conditioned freedom," said Ramsey. "We also wanted a double manslaughter in December 2014".

The individual was from Berry Creek, Calif., Said Ramsey. In 2014, the police executed a search order on their property, discovering a shotgun, gun and tube pump in the facilities. That same week, he was arrested in a local store. The man was heavily armed: under a heavy jacket, he had an AK-47 assault rifle, a gun, a pistol, a revolver, a dagger and a pair of bronze knuckles.

The individual was finally convicted of possessing a destructive device and possessing methamphetamine, said Ramsey. In 2016, he was sentenced to seven years in prison. He was rescinded in May 2018, but disappeared two months later. "He was devoid of his probation, then he was known as judicial freedom in general, and has been searched since then," said Ramsey.

On Thursday morning, taking into account the story of the individual being armed, the deputy issued by backup. The law enforcement of several agencies responded to the parking lot. Together, they surrounded the saloon.

A deputy hit the window. The man woke up, put his hand in his right pocket, "as if he were reaching a weapon," said Ramsey. The deputies removed the service weapons and retreated.

"You should leave me alone," shouted the man, according to Ramsey. "I will not go back".

The driver then called his ignition and left the parking lot. Application of the law pursued. The car chase fired south by the Interstate 70 to 90 mph. The deputies advanced to the front, and the tip strips were made at the side of the road. The tires of the sedan hit the impact, but the car continued to grind the road for another half mile, explained Ramsey.

"When it stopped, the officers arrived," he explained. "They screamed at home to get out of the car. Initially refused, so it came out."

The man came out of his car, with his right hand still in his pocket. After refusing to leave the hand, a deputy from the Sheriff's office in Sutter County launched a policeman named Bandit K-9.

"Bandit was doing his job trying to stop man," said Ramsey. The man then took out a metallic object and pointed it to the members of the law.

Six officers opened fire: two with pistols, four with rifles. The man was knocked down by the bullets. The barrier also affected Bandit, Ramsey said.

"Bandit continued trying to take the man and a pit bull of the subject's car left and attacked Bandit," added the district prosecutor. A seventh deputy fired pit bull. "[Bandit] The scene was pronounced dead, as was the subject, as it was pit bull, "said Ramsey.

The office of Ramsey is dealing with the investigation of the incident. According to the Redding Record Searchlight, the deputies of the counties of Butte and Shasta were involved in the shooting, as well as a fishing and wildlife guardian. The suspect was disarmed during the incident, the newspaper reported.

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