Monday , May 10 2021

Irv Gordon, who took the Volvo to 1966 to 3 million kilometers, dead at age 78

Irv Gordon, a New York professor who became world famous for driving his Volvo 1800 S from 1966 to 3 million kilometers, died on Thursday at age 78.

Long Islander traveled to China at the time of his death.

Gordon has been a cult hero among Volvo fans for decades, having scored the world record for most miles driven by the original owner of an automobile in 1998 when his red coupe broke the record of 1.69 million miles, thanks to his 125 miles daily route and frequent road trips.

The odometer reached 2 million in 2002 and 3 million while driving to Alaska in 2013. Gordon took the car to all continental United States and across Europe, but never reached Hawaii.

Gordon freely kept the car and only the engine was rebuilt twice, the last time in 2011. He had more than 3.4 million kilometers on him when he appeared at Volvo Club of America annually meeting in Vermont this past September, according to Hemmings.

In its last years, Gordon regularly has comprised of Volvo in its events and it has become a promotional companion of Petroleum of Castrol, that said that it was the unique mark that had used.

Gordon once said to the New York Post that he offered to sell the car back to Volvo for $ 1 per mile, but they did not take it.

Gordon's daughter, Danielle, has posted on Facebook since her home in Argentina that messed up the night before her death and said she was taking the time of her life.

She added that she was not very involved in her daily life, however, and asked for help from her friends to find a lawyer to deal with her legal affairs.

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