Sunday , April 11 2021

Judge to announce resolution in the case of a CNN journal credential

WASHINGTON: A court should announce on Friday the Trump administration will be ordered to return the press releases of the White House of CNN journalist Jim Acosta.

US District Court Judge Timothy Kelly, a nominee for President Donald Trump, made an audience for Friday morning to announce his decision.

CNN asked the judge for an order that would oblige the White House to immediately return the credentials they give to Acosta, the main correspondent of the White House of CNN, access to the White House complex for press meetings and other events. CNN wants Acosta's credentials to be restored while a lawsuit against the revocation of its credentials continues.

The White House revoked Acosta's credentials after he and Trump entangled during a press conference last week.

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Trump made it clear his aversion to CNN since he took office and continued in his presidency. He described the network as "false news" on both Twitter and public comments.

At last week's press conference, which followed mid-term elections, Trump was asking journalists questions and asked Acosta to ask about Trump's statements about a caravan of migrants heading for the US-Mexico border . After a sudden exchange, Trump told Acosta: "# 39; This is enough & # 39; & # 39; several times while calling another journalist.

Acosta tried to ask another question about the special advice of Robert Mueller's research in Russia and initially refused to give up a manual microphone to a White House inmate. Trump responded to Acosta saying that he was not worried about the investigation, calling him "hoax" and then criticized Acosta, calling him "a gross and terrible person."

The White House released Acosta accreditations a few hours later.

White House's explanations of the reasons why they took Acosta credentials changed the last week.

The White House press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, initially explained the decision accusing Acosta of making undue physical contact with the inmate seeking to pick up the microphone.

But that reason disappeared after the witnesses supported Acosta's account that he was only trying to keep the microphone and Sanders distributed a video that made it appear that Acosta was more aggressive than he really was. On Tuesday, Sanders accused Acosta of not being professional trying to dominate the question during the press conference.

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