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Like diet while struggling with diabetes and getting the best form of your life

This article does not constitute a medical advice. Consult the licensed medical doctor for information on how best to handle diabetes if necessary. It is always a good idea to speak with your doctor before starting a new diet or exercise regimen.

Diabetes is one of the main lifestyle diseases that people face in the twenty-first century. Every third person now has Diabetes and it is terrible how it looks like the new normal.

There are two types of Diabetes mainly:

1. Type 1: here the beta cells of your pancreas have been destroyed and your body can not produce insulin.

2. Type 2: here your tissues have become resistant to insulin. Your organs and tissues can not store blood glucose.

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Type 1 is usually genetic and must be dependent on external insulin. The second, that is, type 2 diabetes is usually caused by lifestyle and overweight factors. Let's talk about type 2 diabetes now. What happens here is when carbohydrates are consumed, which break down into blood glucose. In a normal scenario, your blood glucose will increase, the pancreas will release the insulin.

Think of your tissues and organs like storage boxes and insulin as a key. Blood glucose is what you can store in storage. When blood glucose rises, insulin is released by the pancreas and bind to the tissues that open the chest. The blood glucose flowing is stored in it and the blood glucose levels become normal.


Fabrics and Organs – Storage boxes with locks

Insulin – Lock key

Glucose – Items that can be stored in treasure chests

When you swallow (the moment you are more susceptible to type 2 diabetes), these blocks change. How your body is trying to avoid fat gain after a certain point! As the keys are not unlocked, blood glucose / sugar levels remain high, leading to problems such as hyperglycemia and can damage their organs.

Now, this has led to a certain race of keto-tardes thinking that they are the missing carbs here and the carbohydrates or insulin elevations lead to diabetes. That is not the case. The fact is that you eat more calories than your body is using.

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This leads us to the main debate. How should a diet be diabetic diaphragm or diabetic type 2? In the first place, there is no perfect diet for all, since it loses a myriad of things and the general context. Second, "Keto is the best & # 39; Diet for diabetes, suggesting that the crowds are idiots and even more is their guru.

Coming to what you should focus on:

1. Losing fat. That is one of the main problems you should try to solve. To lose fat, you can start dieting in approximately 10 to 12 calories per pound of body weight.

2. Low carbohydrates or carbohydrates?

Research shows that both of them work just as well they have led to weight loss.

One problem is the glycemic load. When you ingest a large amount of simple carbohydrates at the same time, they raise blood glucose easily which can cause problems for diabetics. Eating complex or high fiber carbohydrates can solve this. Again, many people do not eat a lot of high-fiber carbohydrates these days due to their dietary choices. Thus, reducing carbohydrate intake generally seems to be a better option

A gross number here would be 1 gram per pound of body weight.

3. Having monounsaturated fats seems to be beneficial on saturated fats, but only to a certain level. After one point, you have no benefit on saturated fats. Limiting fat intake to no more than 35% and keeping fat mostly unsaturated is a good idea.

4. Have a protein intake between 0.8 to 1.2 grams per pound of body weight.

5. Following one resistance training routine with a little cardio for health in general should be coupled together with a dietary approach.

And yes, one important thing that the research showed and the people falsely correlated.

Insulin resistance is a cause of weight gain. Not the other way around.



Author bio:

Pratik Thakkar is co-founder and director of GetSetGo Fitness, an online fitness company. He is considered as someone who will make it easier for him to understand the process by putting things in the right context and providing science-based recommendations for natural bodybuilding. You can contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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