Thursday , September 23 2021

Man arrested after a five-year-old boy released from the third floor in the Mall of America

A suspect was arrested after a five-year-old boy was released from the third floor of the Mall of America in Minnesota.

The police went to the scene in Bloomington after they called witnesses, reporting that a woman was yelling at her son had been thrown to a balcony around 10 in the morning, local time.

A man told the New York Daily News that he saw the immediate consequence of the incident and that the boy was sitting "immobile … in a puddle of blood."


At a press conference outside the mall, Bloomington police chief Jeff Potts said the authorities arrested a 24-year-old man who believes they pulled or pushed the boy and that he did not seem to have any connection with the boy or his child mother

"Our agents responded initially and they made first aid with the child along with other witnesses and passers-by," Potts said. "The boy suffered significant injuries."

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The boy was transferred to the Minnesota children's hospital in Minneapolis with his mother, but his condition, at this time, is unknown.

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