Sunday , April 11 2021

Michelle Obama tells Jimmy Kimmel that she and her husband are playing "What if Obama had done this?" also. "Very often."

5:43 a.m.

First lady Michelle Obama received a warm welcome on Thursday Jimmy Kimmel Live. "Do you see how we miss you?" Kimmel said. "We are here, we are in another house," said Obama. "How is unemployment going?" Kimmel asked. "Do you embrace it?" She said yes, but "really, we are bored. You know, we have a teenager at home and it makes us feel inadequate every day." The former president, Obama said, is spending his days in his messy office, writing his own book.

Obama spoke of raising children at the White House, his unfruitful attempts to escape from living there after a few years, if he lived in the White House if one of his daughters becomes president: "Oh God, that will never happen." said: dogs and first families have to pay their own food while living in the White House. "This is crazy for me," said Kimmel. Obama explained what, in general, is not crazy, unless the staff "is very sensitive, at his expense."

"If he wanted someone to be fired by the administration of her husband, how would he do that?" Kimmel asked after a break. Obama laughed. "Why do you ask?" he said diplomatically. She explained that no one in the White House staff rubbed the wrong way, Kimmel said he did not believe him, and he raised a game that he and his wife played, informally called "What if Obama had done this?" "Oh God, we play that too at home," he said. "Very often." Kimmel asked Obama if anyone approached her seriously for executing her position, she said "all the time," but "I never had any serious conversation with anyone about it because it's not something that interests me or would ever do." . You can see this, your first-person comments, and how you tried to get copies of your book, Convert, old lovers and cheers, below. Peter Weber

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