Saturday , April 17 2021

NBCUniversal pulls controversial advertising from the Trump campaign – Variety

UPDATED: NBCUniversal and Fox News said they would get a controversial Trump campaign from rotating their networks after the announcement had generated criticism as it appeared during "Sunday Night Football."

Both Judd Apatow, a film director who has often worked with Universal Pictures of NBCU and Debra Messing, an actress who is one of NBC's "Will & Grace" sitcom stars, took her to social networks after the commercial performance of the night Sunday to criticize the decision.

"After more reviews, we recognize the insensitive nature of the ad and we decided to stop transmitting it through our properties as soon as possible," NBC said in a statement on Monday morning. The 30-second commercial plays the alleged threat of foreign immigrants entering the United States. And the place, paid by Donald J. Trump for President and approved by President Trump, attempts to connect Luis Bracamontes, a Mexican immigrant who killed two deputies from the Sacramento sheriff in 2014, to migrants who left Central America.

The ad also appeared on MSNBC; Fox News Channel; and Fox Business Network. In a statement released Monday, Fox indicated that the commercial will no longer appear on their networks. "After a new review, Fox News released the announcement yesterday and will not appear on Fox News Channel or Fox Business Network," said Marianne Gambelli, president of advertising sales for both stores.

Network decisions come a few days after CNN said he refused the opportunity to run the announcement, citing problems with his tone. "CNN has left in abundance in its editorial coverage that this announcement is racist. When we come up with the opportunity to receive a version of this announcement, we refuse," said the network owned by AT & T in a statement issued on Saturday.

The commercial appeared on NBC's national network source. Some advertisers, especially political campaigns, prefer to buy local time because it is cheaper and can be purchased more accurately. Advertisers sometimes opt for cable and satellite stations or systems that operate in specific geographic regions with voters or clients that may be more desirable than people in another part of the country.

Broadcasting networks generally take announcements from various political candidates, as they are required to give several fair and equitable politicians to the Federal Communications Commission. NBCUniversal soon realized after the commercial appearance that was more similar to a problem-based ad, according to a person familiar with the matter. Networks are not necessary to run such ads and NBCU noticed that he had the freedom to refuse the Trump site.

The reaction to the commercial campaign is the last example of scrutiny that is placed in the properties of the media of all kinds at a time when consumers are increasingly polarized, especially after the 2016 presidential elections. Advertisers have pulled out property points ranging from "Full Front with Samantha Bee" in TBS; "The Ingraham Angle" on Fox News Channel; and even a revival of William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" produced by the New York Public Theater at moments of controversy.


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