Saturday , April 17 2021

Photos by Penelope & Scott Disick's Father / Daughter – Hollywood Life

Consider a little better than these two? Penelope was born in 2012, and she and her father have been melting our hearts since then. Take a look at your sweetest photos.

Penelope Disick, 6, and her mother Kourtney Kardashian, 39, can be known for her mother-in-law moments, but that does not mean that Karjenner's relationship with her father should not be overshadowed. Scott Disick, 35, they are not strangers to melt our hearts! We do not know if it's because Penelope is the only daughter of Scott, reserved for the brothers Reign, 3 e Mason, 8, but the father of three seemed especially close to her child from the beginning. When leaving with his children, Scott often has Penélope in his arms in spite of the time that is receiving. And when the new star of reality does not rest on a dream head on the shoulder of her father, she usually has her hand. Sometimes, Scott still goes out of her protectively. There is a conscience between them that is so sweet.

But they are not only beautiful when they are out and about. In fact, their most private photos on social networks are the real melters. From posting images of her asleep to refer to her as "my little peep", we can not get enough of what Scott likes. Even once he shared a Penelope shot holding a "Best Father" plague, reason why the feeling is mutual. And do not even start our first days in the reality show. We just died every time Penelope returned to his father to kiss him or sit in his home to watch television.

Thus, although there was a rocky period in 2015 when Scott and Kourtney were dividing and the followers asked him to spend more time with his children, this relationship father / daughter seems to be strong. Just take it from Scott. When he lost Penelope's birthday party throughout the drama, he posted six photos of his girlfriend in Instagram with the title: "1 of the only things that take pride in me."

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