Wednesday , May 12 2021

Release date of the new season of Young Justice 3rd Revealed in the new trailer

Hot damn, Juvenile justiceyou were there.
Image: YouTube
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Five long years have passed since a new episode of Juvenile justice And it's been two years since we heard that he came back. Now, finally, we know exactly what happens. We also know that you will do it big and big.

The long awaited and awaited third season of Juvenile justice, subtitled Outsiders, will be released in the Warner Bros DC Universe application, * drumroll *, on January 4, 2019. The date is announced in the following teaser that also gives an exciting hint in the history of the season in the form of Apokolips, which brings with it a series of possibilities Take a look

The integration of Apokolips is totally disagreeing with what we know about this season: after the events of the second season, the world knows about metahumanos and basically there is an arms race to acquire as much as possible. But, again, the second season also left clues about the impending arrival of Darkseid before Juvenile justice apparently canceled forever. So, while this teaser is light in the metahuman race of weapons, at least a new confirmation that Darkseid will play an important role in the program.

As you know, Juvenile justice opens in DC Universe on January 4. Read a lot more about New Justice: Outsiders in our blogs below.

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