Tuesday , October 19 2021

Small plane fails on the campus of Kennesaw State University


A small plane fell on the Kennesaw campus of Kennesaw State University Thursday at 7 in the morning, the police confirmed.

The accident occurred at the intersection of Bartow Avenue and Campus Loop Road, KSU's Office of Emergency Management (OEM) reported on a tweet. The tweet also said there are no reported damaged buildings or injuries to KSU students, professors or staff.

Two people were on the plane, and they were taken to a hospital in the area, according to the OEM in a later tweet. They were sitting on their beds and were aware.

The Cobb County fire reported Channel 2 news of action that failed and passengers were routed from Omaha, Neb. A Charlie Brown Field in Fulton County.

The video obtained by Channel 2 seems to show that the plane fell into a tree. It also seems that a large parachute device is displayed.

The two survivors of the air crash were seen being taken to an ambulance in suede.
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Abby Rodríguez, a graduate student from KSU, captured the video of one of the survivors of the accident waving by hand.

"I just thought it was a bridge that fell," he told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. "We went to the parking lot and thought it was an explosion."

Another graduate student, Megan Allen, said he sounded like a sequestrant boom.

"It almost sounded that I-75 was collapsing … It was so tall that it was difficult to understand what happened," said Allen.

Tammy DeMel, Assistant Vice President of Communications at KSU, said the campus will be fully operational on Friday.

Cobb County police said that national agencies are investigating the accident and a portion of the campus may be closed as a result.

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