Saturday , April 17 2021

Sunset Overdrive has confirmed that it will hit the PC

A number of signals during the past month have strongly suggested that Sunset Overdrive is due to a PC version, and now Larry "Major Nelson" of the Xbox confirmed that Hryb is on the way. In one tweet Published today, Hryb announced that Sunset Overdrive is preparing to make its debut in Windows 10 PC and more information will be revealed in an interview with the founder of Insomniac Games and CEO Ted Price in the next episode of This week on Xbox.

For those who closely monitor the latest rumors and leaks, the launch of PC Sunset Overdrive will not be a surprise. The game received an ESRB rating earlier this month in the United States, following a similar classification by the Korean Classification and Game Management Commission in May. Then, a pre-order page was briefly listed on Amazon before being removed shortly thereafter.

There is still no confirmed release date, but the Amazon preorder page indicated that the game could be directed to a November 16 PC release for $ 20. It is expected that the game will start as much in Steam as in the Microsoft Store, as well as in physical disks.

In any case, we will learn much more when the morning episode of The Week in Xbox falls.

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