Monday , May 10 2021

"That is the business we are in"

GREEN BAY, WIS. – For one of the first times in the 13-year franchise of Mike McCarthy as coach of Green Bay Packers, his job security has become a problem.

One day after the Thursday defeat in Seattle, the Packers set aside 4-5-1 this season, including a 0-5 race record, McCarthy asked if he was worried about his future.

Initially, he gave the mandatory answer: "I am focused on what we are facing. Every individual in the interior, particularly the soccer team, has a 2018 commitment and that's what I always did".

McCarthy, who led the Packers to a Super Bowl title and nine appearances in the playoffs in their first 11 seasons, is in danger of losing the playoffs in consecutive seasons for the first time in his career. His only unplayed appearances were in 2006 (his first year as a coach), 2008 (the first year of Aaron Rodgers as head) and 2017 (when Rodgers lost half of the season with a broken clavicle).

"That's the job," McCarthy said of the outlook. "This is the way this business has been. I will not go into comparable, but at the end of the day, this is part of the responsibility of the coach's work. We have set a standard here for the past 12 years and it is our responsibility to play that standard. This is how we approach, but that is a maintenance and a general evaluation. Obviously, there is more than that. But in the end, there is a lot going on in each and every one of the games for seven. The day of the day – obviously we are on a stretch 10 days here, and that's really where the energy has to focus. "

The Packers easily end the most complicated leg of the season – four road games in five weeks – next Sunday in Minnesota. The only victory in that passage came home against Miami. They started with losses in the Rams and Patriots in recent weeks.

When asked if he is worried about his future, he will have an impact on the locker room, McCarthy said: "I do not think I can adjust it. Those are the old days. That's when it was newspapers. But I think the world today is everything. accessible, everything is immediate. I am sure that everyone is aware. I think the biggest challenge is when you are very successful. I think the refusal is a shameful part of this business driven by the external ones, but that is the business we are in. "

McCarthy, who is under contract until 2019 after signing an extension of one year at the end of last season, is in his first year reporting team chairman Mark Murphy. The structure changed in January after Murphy forced general director Ted Thompson, who hired McCarthy and hired Brian Gutekunst as GM. If Murphy decides to make a coaching change, it is not clear what Gutekunst should have in the new contract.

After the game, he took some reasons for Rodgers to offer a reason why the Packers still have hope for this season. Rodgers mentioned the need for a moment of galvanizing.

One of those moments could come if McCarthy decided to go fourth and second of his own line of 33 yards with 4:20 left against the Seahawks. Instead, he punted.

He said Friday that his first reaction was to do it.

"We have a network and the numbers were being calculated," said McCarthy. "Anyway, and I think it's about 2 minutes … I have great confidence in our 2-minute offensive, especially with Aaron. That's the decision we make. It's a solid decision. The offensive coach, particularly At the beginning of my career, I had to develop a feeling of working more in team mode, because my natural reaction, especially before, was always just to do it. That's the inner look exactly what happened there. I could see it in a moment that I started to walk to the referee because I would call the waiting time and make sure that we were configured, because I already had the play I wanted. But we already talked about the management of the game and that is the decision I made. "

You will not have more facility given the long list of injuries. McCarthy would not say yes Jimmy Graham broke his thumb, as reported on Friday to the NFL Network. I would just say the final veteran was in the training room on Friday. The defensive tackle Mike Daniels (foot), cornerback Bashaud Breeland (inguía) and security Raven Greene (ankle) all left the game. The Packers were also without corner Kevin King (Hamstring), Randall Cobb (hamstring) receiver, linebacker Nick Perry (knee) and Kentrell Brice (ankle) safety. None of these four beginners even made the trip to Seattle.

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