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The GameStop Black Friday offers on Xbox One and PS4 start on Sunday, November 18 – but they also make Target's


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The sale of GameStop's Black Friday has been revealed, and … it's pretty overwhelming. The game retailer is offering the same base line of $ 199 PS4 and Xbox One as all other large stores under the sun. The interesting thing about the sale was that it began on Sunday, November 18 – three days before Walmart (Wednesday, November 21) and four days before most other merchants. But now we're selling one Pre-Black Friday sells in Target that begins Sunday, also – and it includes the same or similar discounts that GameStop is offering.

Highlights of the sale of GameStop (referenced with Target) are below. Remember:

  • Sales prices do not start until Sunday, November 18 and they are in effect until Monday, November 26 while supplies last.
  • CNET can obtain part of the proceeds from the sale of the products that appear below.

PlayStation 4

As mentioned above, the same (great) 1TB PS4 + Spider-Man package for $ 199 is it widely available elsewhere during the week of black Friday. But it seems that Sunday sales in Target and GameStop are the first ones you can find.

[Online links for the PS4 bundles at Target and GameStop will be added here once available]

GameStop is also offering the PSVR Package for $ 249 ($ 100 off): o Helmet PSVR, two Move controllers, the PlayStation camera, Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot. Once again, this one is widely available almost everywhere, but GameStop will have it first.

Sail on GameStop

As for the titles, it is a very good selection of PS4 games at good prices, but you may want to verify these prices compared to the frequent digital sales of the Sony online store. Some notable recommendations (all PS4 exclusive):

Xbox One


GameStop / Screenshot by CNET

The history of Xbox is very similar. GameStop is offering the same 1TB Xbox One S Minecraft package for $ 199 which is available in almost all other retailers. But find it here first. (Target announcement does not specifically mention the Xbox One S; see below).

As for the Xbox One games that GameStop is publishing – they seem far less attractive than their PS4 equivalents, for this reason: The 4 titles featured in the GameStop – PUBG, Sea of ​​Thieves, Forza Horizon 4 and State of decline 2 – they are available in the "Xbox 360 Game" service you can eat, "that Microsoft is offering new users for $ 1 per month (to start) between the moment and the end of the year. If you have a fast connection to the Internet, that It's the way to go. At least it starts with that to show them and then pay the full price if you really fall for a particular title.

The "$ 70 of Xbox One consoles" are more complicated. If it's a package – with one or two games that you want – it sounds very similar to the offers that Amazon and others are offering, doubling in Battlefield, NBA 2K19 and Fallout 76 with decent discounts. But if you do not need games, keep in mind that Accelerate Xbox One X for $ 100 There are plenty of other retailers later in the week – including Target, starting on Sunday.

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30 percent of everything you can put in the $ 5 & # 39;

Strangely, the Nintendo Switch is completely absent from the GameStop ad, so we want to make sure you know that you can buy the Switch with Mario Kart 8 in package at no additional cost In many other retailers later in the week of Black Friday.


Yes, really

GameStop / Screenshot by CNET

Instead, GameStop is offering odd promotion: you can get 30 percent of all "things" (with many warnings) that you can put in a bag. Oh, and you have to spend $ 5 on the bag to boot. Personally, I do not find it very funny, but you do it.

Originally published on November 13. Updated on November 15th with comparisons with the newly announced offers from Amazon and Target.

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