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Tips to play Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee and Pikachu

Pokémon Let's Go! Eevee e Pikachu They are not the most challenging games, but to make the most of it, we have some tips. Here are some tips for your trip to become the Pokémon Champion.

Give yourself the ability to jump cutscenes

Do it first, as you will see a large number of repeated scenes in this game. The ability to skip it is a hidden option in the menus. You will not save him seeing your Eevee or Pikachu five highs for the umpteenth time after winning the gym leader. Go to your menu by pressing X and then go to Options by pressing Y. Scroll to "Saltado de películas" and enjoy it. You can skip cutscenes by pressing + or – on Joy Con.

Consider capturing Pokémon in portable mode

The game controls differently if you are playing anchored on your TV or laptop in portable mode. If you play on your TV, capture Pokémon by launching a Joy With or Poké Ball Plus. This has something new, but it's not always the easiest to do. To point, change the direction and strength of where you are doing this launching motion. He is not very faithful, and it is very easy to shoot in the wrong direction, or to shoot hard and far away.

Capture in portable mode is much easier. The goal is to move the real console around and throw a button. It's thousand times easier and also more fun in my opinion.

Motion controls in portable mode are optional

The game has to do with players that use motion controls, but, in fact, in hand mode, you can point to where you are playing their Poké Balls using the Joy Con joystick on the left. I think it's easier to point by moving the console around, but try each one and see what works for you.

Never, always Buy Poké Balls

You will never get under the Poké Balls. When Professor Oak is ready to embark on his first gym, he will give him 50. Every time he defeats a coach, they usually give him three Poké Balls. You'll have more Poké Balls than what you can do. Do not waste money when you can buy potions or puppies.

As soon as you can, take a Pokémon out of your Poké Ball

Your Eevee or Pikachu will always be out of your ball, but you can also have an additional Pokémon that also follows you. It may seem excessive, but getting a Pokémon from your ball will make it more like it, which has some benefits in the battle. You will also find objects sometimes in the immediate vicinity, which is very practical.

You do not have to fight against all

You do not gain much experience by letting and most of the coaches in the wild only have a couple of Pokémon that probably wins in just one hit. If you just want to drive to the next gym, it's pretty easy to skip most of the battles. You can walk behind many of them to avoid starting a battle. Some rotate and you can create them when they're not looking. This seems antithetical to most Pokémon games, but saves time without much experience.

The walls facilitate grinding

You gained experience by capturing Pokémon. When you do it, all your group gains experience and how Pokémon Go, you can increase that experience by capturing several of the same monster followed, catching them on the first shot or taking a Diminutive or Huge Pokémon, indicated by the red or blue swirls that surround you on the map. If you want to level up your Pokemon fast, buy a decoy. This will make more Pokémon generate on the map around you, so you should not run in the same patch of grass again and again.

Send your extra Pokémon to Professor Oak

After several gyms, you will have the option of sending the extra Pokémon in your collection box to Professor Oak. This removes them from your game permanently, but you will receive a bit of treatment. Oak will send Candies in exchange for Pokémon and you can feed these candies to your Pokémon to lift their statistics. If the statistics of a particular monster's speed is too low, it gives me a quick diet to make it faster, for example. If you send a lot of the same Pokémon to Oak, there is an opportunity that you also sell a twelve named after the monster, which has all its statistics for one.

Use the Favorites system to save your best monsters

When you are taking all the monsters in sight to send them to Oak, it can be easy to lose control of what you really want. I like to classify the Pokémon in my box by Combat Power, basically, those with greater combat power have better statistics than other Pokémon. You can do so by pressing Y on your Pokémon Box. You can also order them according to the level, the trapped order and a couple of other ways. To really make sure you do not send a really good Pokémon to Professor Oak, you should favor it. Do this by selecting the Pokémon you want to keep, then scroll to "Change brands", and then choosing the first one, which is Favorite. The pokemon you prefer can not be sent to Oak, and you will receive a warning if you select it to be sent by accident. I kept a lot of Pokémon useful to be sweet in this way.

Use all your candies

This will be weird for people who have only played the main games, but Pokémon Go Probably gamers will get it. Could you think that simply lifting the Pokémon is the best way to make them stronger, but you should also use all your candy. You will not be able to take an absolute garbage Pokémon and turn them into a beast, but changing some specific statistics can really help you with the Gymnastics Leaders. In particular, I discovered that I gained more Candy Quick than anything else, and using them to increase the speed statistics of my monsters were very useful. Whatever the Pokémon has at a higher speed uses its first movement and that can save you a potion if you know that your next move will defeat your enemy.

Install before Elite Four

Like all Pokémon games, you will have a climatic battle with Elite Four. You have to beat them all together. This means that you can not cure your Pokémon between battles by going to a Pokémon Center. Because the rest of the game is so easy, it is tempting not to visit the store before facing them. That would be wrong. Do no salttala These battles are not devastating, but they are harder than the rest of the game. Elite Four is not afraid of using the state effects and will want to be able to counteract. At the end of the game you can buy Max Potions, Revives and Full Heals.

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