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Wear The SO watches are getting some very necessary features to save battery

Wear OS will soon be easier on the watch's battery.
Wear OS will soon be easier on the watch's battery.

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I do not know about you, but my complaint about the smartwatch of number one is the battery life, no matter how you use it, my Wear OS system just does not pass the day.

Now, Google has an update of its wearable Wear platform that addresses this problem.

Use the operating system 2.2 or H, as it is called, comes with a feature that automatically places the clock in the battery saving mode after the battery falls below 10%. In battery Savings mode, all smart features are off, but the clock still counts the time.

In addition, the clock will enter "deep sleep" mode after 30 minutes of downtime. This means that you can save the clock for longer periods without having to worry that the battery lasts for zero in a matter of hours.

These characteristics are not exactly revolutionary; For example, my Huawei Watch 2 also goes into battery saving mode when the battery is low, and my Suunto Ambit 3 Sport will sleep shortly after I remove it from hand. But it is good to see Google implementing them at the level of the operating system, which theoretically should be available to all smartwatches owners who run the latest Wear operating system.

Other note features include Smart App Resume for all applications, which means your apps will remember what you were doing when you left it and allow you to return to them when you were shooting again. And you can also disable the clock in two steps, holding the power button until you get the screen off and then selecting "shut down" or "restart".

Unfortunately, it is not known exactly which devices will receive the update. Google says that "you should soon see a system update on your device," clarifying that it should happen "in the coming months." But the small print says that "the device may not be immediately eligible for this update and will be determined by the clock manufacturer."

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