Wednesday , May 12 2021

Where is Xur? Destiny 2 Exotic Weapons and Armory Video Guide (November 16-20)

It's the weekend, and that means that Xur is back in Destiny 2 and sells a new batch of exotic merchandise. This week, you'll find Titan hiding in the Rig area, offering other weapons and armor from the year. We have all the details here.

This week, Xur sold Coldheart, a laser tracking rifle that started his life as a pre-Destiny 2 bonus. It's especially effective if you can stand the enemies, the more you have your laser, the more damage it will do. Xur also offers armor for each class of characters. This week, hunters can get the Knucklehead Radar, a helmet that keeps the radar even while pointing at the sight; The titans have an unbeatable Skullfort, a helmet that heals them when they damage Arch; and Warlocks get Aeon Soul, a pair of gauntlets that give energy to the allies for their class abilities every time they use theirs.

If you are hungry for more exotic than Xur is selling, this week we saw the return of Thunderlord, a Destiny 1 machine gun that causes a ray to attack your enemies. The search to get it is quite involved, but, fortunately, we have a comprehensive guide to help you get your own Thunderlord and re-visit Destination 1 in the process.

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