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? Your digital identity could be for sale on Dark Web for less than $ 50

November 8, 2018

Although many of us have heard or even became victims of cybercrime as data and identity theft, it seems that few people know the value of information that is stolen. A new study by Kaspersky Lab revealed that although our identity may not be worth much in terms of dollars, it is an important resource for criminals. The investigation found that cybercriminals have an appetite for data that steal popular services, including through social network accounts and remote access to game websites.

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The confusion of users about the value of their data can lead to a careless security strategy, which facilitates robbers to steal data and commit crimes.

Data stolen by people as a result of security supervision may have a limited resale value, but may have many uses. This can have huge consequences for an individual, who can lose money and affect his reputation, as well as being persecuted for a debt that someone incurred in their name, or even suspected of a crime that another person committed during their use to protect themselves .

Kaspersky Lab has investigated the Dark Web markets to find out how much personal data is worth and how cybercriminals use it. The company's researchers found that cybercriminals can sell the full digital life of someone for less than $ 50; including stolen social network accounts information, bank details, remote access to servers or desktops, and even data from popular services such as Uber, Netflix and Spotify, as well as game websites, dating applications and porn sites that can be accessed by Store credit card.

Meanwhile, the researchers found that the price paid for a single hacked account is lower, with most sales for about $ 1 on account and with criminals offering discounts for wholesale purchases.

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The most common way that criminals steal this type of data is through phishing campaigns or by exploiting a security vulnerability related to the web in the software of an application. After a successful attack, the criminal receives a lot of information that contains a combination of emails and passwords for pirated services. And, as many people use the same password for multiple accounts, attackers could use this information to access accounts on other platforms.

Interestingly, some criminals who sell data even offer their buyers a lifetime warranty, so if an account stops working, the buyer will receive a new one for free.

"It's clear that data hacking is a big threat to everyone, and this applies individually and socially, because the stolen data finances many social evils. Fortunately, there are some steps we can take to avoid this, even by using the software of Cybersecurity and know the amount of data we are giving away, especially in the profiles of social networks available to the public or organizations, "said David Jacoby, chief security researcher at Kaspersky Lab.

Users can avoid such risks by following several security measures that should be an integral part of the digital life of any Internet user:

  • To protect phishing, always verify that the address of the link and the email address of the sender are authentic before clicking. A strong security solution will also alert you if you try to visit a phishing website.
  • To prevent a data leak from endangering all your digital identities, never use the same password for several websites or services. To create safe hacker-proof passwords and eliminate the problem of reminding them, use a specific application for password manager.

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