Friday , June 18 2021

3-2. Tigres de Aragua defeated Bravos de Margarita in Maracay

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(Caracas, November 7 – News24In a close encounter, Tigres de Aragua defeated Bravos de Margarita with a 3-2 score. Despite the defeat, the islets are well placed on the table, in the third and two of the first.

The Bravos began with an initial race, which reached the legs of Olmo Rosario, with a shot by Daniel Mayora in the garden and put the game 1-0.

Bengali troops tied to the same entrance. Rodríguez shot the second base and dominated by 4-3, but Olivares managed to score and put the table in 1-1.

At the bottom of the fifth, Wilfredo Giménez marked Aragua's.

In the seventh, Margarita returns to level the game, placing the score 2-2. At the bottom of this episode, Kevin Vicuña scored the final 3-2.

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