Thursday , May 6 2021

Affective relationships with parents can help health in adulthood

An investigation published by the journal Psychology of Health he played people with sweet memories of childhood, especially affective relationships with parents, They tend to have less depression and fewer chronic diseases, such as older adults.

"We found that good memories seem to have a positive effect on health and well-being, possibly through the way they reduce stress or help keep healthy choices in life. " said the lead author of the study, William J. Chopik, from Michigan State University.

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The researchers They used data from more than 22,000 participants in two studies. The first adults followed the age of 40 years for 18 years and the second followed the adults of 50 or more years during 6 years.

The surveys included questions about perceptions of parental affection, general health, chronic conditions and depressive symptoms.

The participants of the two groups that reported having remembered higher levels of affection by their mothers in early childhood experienced better physical health and less depressive symptoms later in life.

Those who reported reports with more support from their parents also experienced less depressive symptoms.

However, Chopik's team They found that participants with positive memories of childhood had fewer chronic diseases in the first study of 7.1100 people, but not in the second study of 15,200, which makes the results less direct.

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