Friday , June 18 2021

After an overdose, Demi Lovato returned to Instagram

The singer Demi Lovato She shared a post on her Instagram account for the first time ever since will enter rehabilitation last August to encourage all its supporters to exercise their right to vote and participate in the legislative elections that were held this Tuesday in the United States.

"I am very grateful to go home and when to vote too … A vote can make a difference, so be sure to use your voices, now go there and vote," the artist asked his fan base next to a image of him in the electoral college, confirming by the way that he left the clinic where he spent the last three months.

In the photograph in question, the pop star has the same healthy appearance that he showed last weekend, when he was seen in public in different places of Los Angeles, and that he was received with a feeling of general relief. Admirers have come to confirm that different sources close to the girl have been repeating for weeks: that Demi has managed to overcome the hardest part of its recovery to overcome 90 sober days and face the next part of the process with renewed energy and willing to make the necessary changes in the Your life to ensure you do not suffer another relapse.

"She is devoting herself to the body and soul to remain sober and involved herself with the people that are part of the program she is following, avoiding all those people from her old social circle that have supported her previous life style. leading a healthy lifestyle and both his family and his friends believe he is choosing better companies. "

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