Saturday , January 16 2021

Agricultural production is between 10 and 15%

The president of the National Council of Commerce and Services (Consecomercio), María Carolina Uzcátegui, said Sunday that one of two main problems of the national economy and the shortage, which in his opinion is due, among other things, to tax measures applied by the National Executive that they generate decapitalization

In the same way, he affirmed that the The lack of access to strong currency at a reasonable price, led to a "spraying" of the salary of the workers

About the figures that reflect Some economic sectorshe said that the The food presents a Fall of 60%, while others like it Clothing and footwear are up to 90%.

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On the other hand, Agricultural production is between 10 and 15% of its capacity, said Uzcátegui, who also expressed the concern of the small domestic traders, and only noticed this This year close to 400 companies closed in Sábana Grande, Caracas.

Bolipuertos and El Petro

During an interview with journalist Carlos Croes, in the program Diálogo Con, Uzcátegui declared that in the ports of the country there "Serious cases of corruption", in addition technical difficulties which "reduced the ability to discharge a ship", affecting the supply chain.

In his opinion, The politicization of the institutions had a negative impact in the quality of management.

Finally, he pointed out that The Petro due to its characteristics, It is an account unit and not a cryptocurrency, which will be used as a reference point and anchor for establishing salaries.

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