Wednesday , October 20 2021

Catherine Fulop was reunited with her mother in the United States: her emotional history


"I have two sisters in Venezuela that I do not see six years ago. Also grand nephews, who met when they had a year and did not see them again … They are many years. I can hardly speak when I realize how long it takes to not see it. It is not easy to handle. It is a sadness, a disgrace that all Venezuelans have to live with. Our country was stolen"

Catherine Fulop You can not avoid tears when you talk about your family. Not the one who formed in Argentina with her husband Osvaldo Sabatini and her daughters Oriana and Tiziana, but from her mother, sisters and nephews.

The mother traveled to Miami to see one of her daughters living in Pompano Beach. The actress adjusted her agenda, after completing the theatrical work she was doing for three months, to take an airplane and reconnect with her mother, whom she had not seen two years ago.

"The last time it was in December 2016 when he came to visit me in Argentina and he was very depressed because I lost the record of the horrible situation that my country is experiencing and that many of us could not return and that their entire family was dismembered. She got sick several times, lost a lot … "said the actress Teleshow.

Catalina traveled alone to enjoy her mother and sister, then Ova will join, who also wants to see her mother-in-law. "I was glad and felt immense joy. I appreciate life for having the opportunity to see it"He highlighted the first contact she had with her mother, who traveled to the United States accompanied by a niece of the actress, whom she did not see six years ago." It's an emotion that shed tears. They are many years … "he added.

"I would like to take ArgentinaBut when the parents are big they already have their customs, they are keeping up with their things and it would be very difficult for her to not live in Venezuela, beyond the situation. Many older people do not have the suggestion of their children, but my mother still doubts in taking that step because she is very big and I do not think she is anime"said the actress.

"He says no, it's a long time and he's with some age-related pain, and he does not want to leave his place, but I understand that I would also like to return to Argentina forever and I can not support another startup"Revealed Fulop, who has differences with Venezuela's current policy.

During the days that were together, Catherine enjoys her mother, her sister and her nephews. Oriana and Tiziana, on the other hand, could not travel to see their grandmother, but they use technology to talk to her through video calls.

"Oriana – who is in Italy with Dybala – was super happy and introduced it to Paulo. My mother is happy, she says they are very cute together and she likes her eyes. She is very happy to see her grandchildren happy"he said and clarified that one of the first pending issues of his mother was to see Lost, the movie in which Oriana played.

Finally, Catherine Fulop was emphatic when it came to ensuring that she did not arrive in Venezuela six years ago, and she does not intend to return, although that does not mean seeing the rest of her loved ones: "I do not want to go back because my house is in Argentina, but I would like to visit my family with freedom."

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