Thursday , October 28 2021

Cluedo, the famous board game, lands the Nintendo Switch –


I think it was Miss Scarlet, with the rope, in the studio.

This phrase speaks for itself.

Jam game studio offers this game to Nintendo switch, through the eShop, as of today November 30th, at a price of € 29.99. We recommend that you be alert in the next few hours if you are interested, as it will be offered as soon as eShop is updated.

Being a success in the board, it has already been published for PC and mobile platforms in advance, but now we can enjoy it, in our Switch, with the following characteristics:

  • Individual game against customizable AI
  • Multiplayer online game, with up to 6 opponents
  • Local multiplayer game
  • Multiplayer game with players on other platforms
  • Participants worldwide
  • Virtual route sheet, with innovative logic, which allows you to take notes in an advanced way
  • Available themes that transform the board and the characters
  • Topics that are updated regularly

With this game, Nintendo Switch adds another to your list of board games. We leave you with the trailer.

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