Friday , January 15 2021

Dash Text announces service to send and receive DASH using SMS in Venezuela

Dash Text, the Venezuelan initialization that offers DASH transactions through text messages, announced the launch of its SMS-based service to carry out cryptographic transfers in Venezuela.

This new service will solve the needs of its customers that do not have Internet connection or smartphones to carry out cryptography operations, one of the biggest obstacles to the adoption of digital assets in the Caribbean country.

In the middle of Venezuelan hyperinflation, which has risen to 83% until now, Venezuelans have had many problems to acquire basic goods and services, including food, clothing and foodstuffs in general.

Millions of people had to flee the South American country in recent years in search of a better life due to the crisis brought about by the government of Hugo Chavez and later Nicolás Maduro. Nevertheless, these conditions served to increase the market of cryptoconcies, being an alternative to overcome the crisis.

Given that most of the Venezuelan citizens do not have smartphones, Dash tries to develop a solution that can serve the millions of citizens who only have access to more basic phones, making an alliance with the BlockCypher company of the blocking solution for this. .

"Venezuelans abroad send about 2 billion dollars in remittances, this process usually takes a long time and is very expensive for most users. With the Dash text, we offer a real solution to real problems. People need an easy and economical way of sending home money, and we have done so in a way that the Dash ecosystem can expand without the need for smart phones. " said Bradley Zastrow, world leader in business development at Dash.

Although the product is still in beta, this new service will allow the users of Digitel and Movistar, two telephony providers; the ability to send and receive Dash using their cell phones.

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