Friday , June 18 2021

In total rehabilitation Selena Gomez begins the coaching campaign

THE CITY OF MEXICO.- The singer and actress Selena Gomez is not at their best an emotional and physical crisis He recently lived, which led him to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital.

The last photo we saw of the singer was a selfie that she shared in her Instagram account on September 23, a few days before entering the hospital. And it was not until October 10 when it was announced that Selena suffered a white blood cell problem that triggered a strong emotional crisis in her, Who said.

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The paparazzi keep the distance to let Selena recover. But thanks to the new campaign of the coach, the actress do a comeback on the networks social For several seasons, Gomez was an ambassador of the American brand and, on this occasion, the shooting of the campaign was taken in September, before the crisis. Even so, Selena is very different from the girl she usually sees.

In the picture you see a serious Selena with Smiley face nothing as is usually. In this photo of the Christmas Coach collection, the artist "Back To You" has a more eyelid face and a reduced nose, compared to its previous Instagram posts. Given that cosmetic surgery has not been submitted, it is very likely that they have touched face with Photoshop.


Selena Gomez left rehabilitation, this was confirmed by a source for E! News: "Selena finished her treatment program in New York and is much better."

In the weeks prior to its admission to the facilities, it was reported that the star was hospitalized several times due to problems related to Lupus and its 2017 kidney transplant. Stress, said a source, led Selena to suffer an apparent "emotional crisis".

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