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Know the relationship between vitamins and autism

Knowing, the relationship, which exists between vitamins and autism, health

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A team of scientists do Davis University of California, led by Rebecca J. Schmidt, analyzed the impact of the shot vitamins Specific during the first month of pregnancy in families with greater diagnosis risk do Autism spectrum disorder (TEA)

The study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, included 241 children who were selected because a brother was diagnosed TEA. While most of them mothers They observed that they took prenatal vitamins during pregnancy, only 87 (36%) complied with the recommendations they took in the six months prior to pregnancy.

Schmidt's team says children whose mothers took prenatal vitamins during the first month of pregnancy were less likely to be diagnosed TEA compared to the children whose mothers did not take them. The proportion of children with TEA among the mothers they took prenatal vitamins in the first month of pregnancy it was of 14.1% (18 children) compared to the 32.7% (37 children) who did not take it vitamins.

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"When studying a cohort of pregnant women 241 families Affected by autism explains Schmidt In a statement, we discovered that, although these families were at greater risk of diagnosing TEA Due to genetics, the fact of taking prenatal vitamins During the critical period of early pregnancy, they contributed to reducing the risk approximately 50%"

A limitation is that this study It was observational, which means that there may be differences between the two groups that were not taken into account during the analysis, However researchers They considered many factors. Another limitation is the relatively small sample size of the study.

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