Tuesday , March 9 2021

Marco Rubio: "It's fiction that the Cuban Baseball Federation is not the government"

The republican senator of Florida, Marco RubioIt defended through the social networks the decision of the president Donald Trump to block the agreement Major League Baseball (MLB, for its acronym in English) and Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) what? allowed players on the island to sign contracts directly with the franchises.

At the beginning of the week The Trump administration reversed Barack Obama's policy when he declared that the FCB was not an entity of the Cuban regime, then Major Leagues could negotiate with them and pay a "release fee", equivalent to a percentage of the bonus obtained by each Cuban player signing his contract.

Blond He used his Twitter account to pronounce this "Trump's decision is legally correct" and said that "It's fiction that the Cuban Baseball Federation is not a government entity".

"Cuban players go illegally for one reason, Cuba does not allow them to go freely, they are part of a system that sees the human being as a slave. The easy solution is that Cuba allows these men to travel freely to the United States to play without charging a fee "said the politician.

There is currently one Twenty Cuban players in the United States, considered the best in the world. The majority disappeared from the communist island, often in distressed circumstances. For example, Yasiel Puig, current right-wing gardener from the Cincinnati Reds, He was kidnapped by gangs in a motel in Mexico For months in one of his many attempts to escape from Cuba.

The agreement reached by the MLB with the Cuban Federation of Baseball during the time of Obama caused the exodus of Cuban talent to the United States to be less dangerous, since The teams paid the island entity 15 or 20% of the players contractwho left his country in commercial airplanes and pay taxes to the Cuban government.

With the decision of Trump was afraid that o "It's people" In the sport of gloves and 8-inch balls. Currently, The United States has no ambassador in Cuba and made it difficult for Americans to travel to the island. In any case, this blockage will not prevent what is a historical phenomenon: More than 350 baseball players have left Cuba since 2014.

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