Saturday , October 23 2021

PHOTO: That's how Laura Bozzo was when I was a girl


CITY OF MEXICO, MEXICO.-The Peruvian presenter Laura Bozzo He shared with all his followers on Instagram, a beautiful photograph of when he was a girl.

In the image you can see Bozzo, since when he was a child, with a sweet dress with a floral print and sitting on a small table, while the face reflected a state of confusion.

The lawyer also did not give many explanations about where and when the picture was taken, but she thanked her brother for sending her to her.

"When I was a child, my brother Miguel sent me this photo when it was small and good memory," wrote Laura next to the photo.

The driver of the controversial Laura shows in America She feels very proud of her career as well as physically at 67 years of age.

Bozzo is one of the most important personalities in Mexico. Recently, he was in the eye of the hurricane after sending a strong message to Raúl de Molina, presenter of the O Gordo and Flaca program, after saying that Laura has the "great face of both botox."

"Miss Laura" took advantage of Univision's program cameras, which were at an event where he attended, to tell El Gordo de Molina that he did not have the moral authority to express himself in this way.

"I want to respond to El Gordo, today he told me that I have a fat face. What moral authority has to tell me that I have a fat face?" He said. He added: "What has Botox a lot? No, I tell you I'm with a swollen face because I had an operation on my teeth, but I do not have a fat face like you.

Apparently, he bothered the comment, but tried to take it with humor because of the good relationship they have with the television presenter.

De Molina also expressed himself with the message that Laura sent and said, "This I said playing, I just do not have a fat face, my big belly, big toes, I have the fat body and I do not want to be fat. I have it, What a pity, that's life. "

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