Wednesday , January 27 2021

TECHNOLOGY: Voice notes came to Instagram

Instgram It has become one of the most popular applications of recent times, so developers have created new applications every time. The intention is to innovate in the interactions of the platform. Voice notes came to Instagram

The latest Instagram update will allow users to use voice notes in their instant messaging service.

To use this new feature, you must first update the application and enter the message section. Then open the desired conversation and press the microphone icon.

Voice notes came to Instagram

As in WhatsApp, we must keep the button while we are recording the message.

Instagram, new updates

In addition to the fact that the voice notes reached Instagram, the application generated other updates such as the use of GIF, videos and stickers.

Among the curiosities of the new updates of the application is also the implementation of exclusive stories for schools and students, these stories can only visualize the academic content.

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