Thursday , July 29 2021

The entertainer Jordan Mendoza married with a "Venezuelan" style (Photos)

Photo @JordanMendoza

The Venezuelan concert was paralyzed by the authenticity and "Venezuelanism" that was the protagonist of the wedding of the entertainer and model Jordan Mendoza, nothing less than his representative Sol Núñez with whom they had a formally formalized relationship on Saturday.

Daily magazine of Venezuela

Charged with the decoration of the national tricolor, the Casa Campo room at the La Lagunita Country Club was the ideal place for the bride to grant the definitive "Yes".

The boyfriend used a black Creole Liqui-Liqui with gold ornaments and patent leather shoes while the bride opted for a classic white dress of a ship adorned with the flag.

In addition, the adornments that made clear the reference to the works of the maestro Cruz Díez were significant, as well as the desserts decorated by the patrician colors, without a doubt a wedding loaded with a Venezuelan copy.

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