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The Walking Dead & # 39; You will have another spin-off that is already under development by AMC

Ever since it began its broadcast in 2010, the apocalyptic universe of The Walking Dead & # 39; He has been expanding over nine seasons and with his own spin-off, "Fear The Walking Dead". After the walkers have surpassed so long, someone would say that there would be no human survivors in this fictional cosmos, but from AMC seem willing to deny it with a new series of the franchise.

Michonne and Daryl in The Walking Dead & # 39;

Michonne and Daryl in The Walking Dead & # 39;

And is that Josh Sapan, CEO of AMC, has already announced that they planned to expand the universe into new content, without advancing exactly what it was referring to. Now his colleague and head of cable channel operations, Ed Carroll, confirmed the Deadline A new universe series created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard is in "active development".

The executive has not advanced much on what could be the argument of this new series and, in fact, it may not even have a very definite definition. According to his words, the state of development is still very important: "We have people hired to show us their possible stories". Of course, there must be some reference when Carroll says "feel good" with how the project advances.

They are not dead at all

The truth is that this alleged expansion of The Walking Dead & # 39; What your channel plans to do when your ninth season is going through a difficult time is amazing. The departure of such important players as Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohan has lowered the public data, andIn the eleventh season, another main actress, such as Danai Gurira, has already announced that she will reduce her participation.

However, the two franchise series are still under way and Rick Grimes, a character from Andrew Lincoln, has raised his own series of films, in addition to this project announced. Carroll, in fact, does not believe that the low audiences suppose any problem for his planned zombie empire: "When & # 39; The Walking Dead & # 39; It's dispensable by the channel, I think it will have more to do with spending than with benefits, because the expenses usually increase when the stations continue ".

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