Friday , June 18 2021

They discover a black hole capable of altering space-time [Internacional] – 10/11/2018

United States.- Researchers from NASA and the Indian Space Agency (ISRO) have discovered a black hole that rotates at a speed capable of causing space around them to do so.

According to scientists, it could be the key to understanding how galaxies form.

The same researchers, as they posted on the Business Insider website, indicate that this black hole turns at a speed close to the limit set by Albert Einstein in his theory of relativity.

Currently, scientists have two ways of measuring black holes, their mass or the speed at which they rotate. In this way, the speed at which they are comprised includes an interval between 0 and 1.

This last black hole at a speed of 0.9, so, according to Einstein's theory, it is capable of altering the space-time around it.

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