Thursday , September 23 2021

"Zulia has 51% energy and we try to continue with the 6×6"

Governor Omar Prieto: "Zulia has 51% of energy and we try to continue with the 6×6"

After a meeting with the entity's Electrical Staff, Governor Omar Prieto qualified as "positive" the evaluation they carried out the service, as "Zulia state has, at this moment, 51% of energy throughout its territory". He said that, after the general blackout of this April 9, it has begun to recover the system again.

On the energization scheme, he revealed: "We have tried to place it (electricity) 6 to 6 hours. We are leaving a team from Corpoelec, Cantv and the University of Cabimas to reach all the stations and substations that we can not lift remotely and that makes us a bit difficult. When we try to put the service to a circuit, if it can not be given from here, we have to move the staff so that I can bring the light. "

From the distribution center Corpoelec-Caujarito, he insisted that they are focused on recovering all the remote control schemes to be able to fulfill, although "the timeline is not perfect."

In addition, Prieto reported that For today, it is planned to start the thermoelectric plant Ramón Laguna, located on the main street of Los Haticos, to provide about 70 megawatts (Mw) to the regional generation. To achieve this, they repaired water leaks in the Tulé reservoir. "We are raising the flow to 3,200 liters per second, so today we will start bringing the water to Ramón Laguna," he explained. In the same space They intend to connect three generating plants to add 60 Mw extra.

The highest regional authority announced that they evaluate, in conjunction with state-owned enterprises, "The possibility of recovering several machines of Thermoelectry", which would add 400 Mw.

"The President (Maduro) gave the approval for a new plant, for a new term in Zulia that will generate 500 megawatts. We are in a project that can last approximately 9 months in its installation, "he said.

He emphasized that the goal is that, in the medium term, the Zulia "can cover 100% of the demand, with the additional that the Guri can give us."

On the other hand, the governor mentioned that they are acquiring 4 thousand electrical plants that will be delivered to each community council of the region, "so that the community can connect the telephone, cool water (…) We will take care, from the General Staff, to be able to channel the fuel for that plant. "

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