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5 types of food "king" support the liver 1005718

Friday, 11/16/2018 at 7:40 p.m. (GMT + 7)

Liver disease is a fear of anyone, especially in the "between the fins" feeding conditions. However, it is possible to "rescue" the liver by the early selection of food groups that have this great liver of detoxification.

1. Orange, lemon, grapefruit

Known as high in vitamin C and high in antioxidants, citrus, citrus, grapefruit, etc., they are actually detoxifying natural for the liver. If you think glutathione is able to absorb toxins, heavy metals and eliminate them from the body. body, protecting the liver from free radical attack.

Eating a fat or a glass of grapefruit juice every day is not just a secret to losing weight, beautiful for women, but also help to detoxify the liver, slowing down the problems related to the liver.

2. Carrots

One type of food is also rich in antioxidants glutathione, the carrot. Nutrition in carrots can help improve liver function, including toxins, fatty liver. Carrots also contain antioxidants Falcarinol to help reduce the risk of liver cancer, colon … Apart from vitamins A, C, B1, B2 …, carrots also contain calcium, iron, phosphorus, carotene … also Participate in the antioxidant process … Keep in mind that carotene is only fat-soluble, so it is recommended to eat carrots treated with cooking oil.

3. Plant family

Cabbage, broccoli, cabbage, rapeseed … These cruciferous vegetables contain many substances that are beneficial for the liver, such as carotenoids, glucosinolate … help stimulate the enzyme to help detoxify the liver. In addition to the abundant vitamins, antioxidants, cancer prevention also make cruciferous vegetables turn into a source of nutrition for those who seek a healthy diet.

4. Cereals:

Walnuts, almonds, macca … are known as the perfect food for health, especially those who need a particularly healthy diet, protect the liver. Healthy fruits are good for your health, to ensure that your body is still adding quite a bit of fat but not bad cholesterol. The antioxidant content of nuts is among the highest in antioxidant foods, helping to alleviate the body against harmful toxins, while nuts also contain arginine, an amino acid that helps to detoxify the liver. effective

5. Gac

One of the paths that lead to fatty liver disease, which can lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer, is the oxidative imbalance between oxidants and antioxidants, forming free radicals. destroys cells.

To avoid this process, natural foods, especially red foods, seem to have an "active miracle" called Lycopene. Lycopene will help to quench harmful free radicals, reduce oxidative imbalance.

The fruit is very high in lycopene, which is gac fruit. In addition to lycopene, Gac is also rich in beta-carotene, which can help prevent and treat hepatitis and cirrhosis progressing in liver cancer, the most dreaded threat to people with liver disease.

Many women only know how to use GAC to cook, although supposing that eating gac rice can also absorb GAC nutrients. Little it is known that active substances in gac such as lycopene or beta-carotene, with great nutritional use with the liver, will be greatly destroyed in the baking process. Therefore, special methods are needed to extract nutrients from them. In response to this, the market already has products with high lycopene content extracted from gac fruits such as Lyco-Prevent Soft Capsule.

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Lyco – Prevent is a rare product on the market made exclusively from organic GAC according to USDA-NOP and European standards – CE 834/2007

This is a rare product on the market made entirely of organic GAC in accordance with US standards USDA-NOP and CE-EC 834/2007. With advanced extraction technology, packaged in soft capsules, the precious nutrients of Gac fruit are leaked and stored in each soft Lyco-Prevent capsule.

Lyco-Prevent is a special product distributed by Trust Farma International. With excellent nutritional properties: liver detoxification, anti-aging, soft capsule Lyco Prevent is a good product for the liver in the market today.

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