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Come to My Dinh Stadium to see Vietnam without tickets, jokes that are very real

My Dinh stadium is not necessarily a ticket. Implementation: Group of journalists.

The story of B is stopped

There are still many fans who want to encourage the students of the park but can not receive the ticket in hand.

Tickets warriors also found that this range without sales notes only embraces all tears. "A million B pairs, who buy, right?" A man shouted to the crowd gathered in front of My Dinh. They also had to sell the latest tickets before the official whistle sounded.

The black market in the sky is now near the ground. However, this is not the only option for fans who want to see without tickets. There is another way, less money, more miserable but reassuring never risks …

Come to my Dinh Stadium to see Vietnam without tickets, joking but very real - Photo 2.

The climbers went to the vale with the guidance of the security personnel.

Like many "anecdotes" that people speak, My Dinh has a door that without tickets can also easily see the stadium. As students who can not pay black market tickets, despite the price reduction, we take the road through the Sports Hospital, which leads directly to the door of My Dinh Stadium.

Approximately 45 minutes before rolling the ball, we find ourselves with the "same address" here. But the door is closed, the guard is locked up, I wondered if the rumor was true? Some people began impatiently and approached the internal defenders asking if there was an "alternative" to enter without a ticket. They received a jolt of the head. There are new men who run the risk of running hurriedly.

While staying next to me, his brother selling water near the door just smiled, "How is the star, so you want to see it?" As we take gold, we plan to surprise and anxious. He assured, "peace of mind, for the delicious, the village in the middle of the battle to drop the door for this, this money is complete."

As far as I know, some street vendors have hooks with other rods inside. Just spending money for them is sure to be taken to the sand without having to worry about the protection to ask. He sold the phone, saying once inside, a man came to the corner of the campus. The two exchanged their voices, they returned: "500,000 three, enter?"

Free of charge, no matter what they do not agree. But it's also idiotic, the secret business to say the crowded place. Others also found out, bordering on the singing of the standing man. When he finished the deal, he called the wall. However, due to overpopulation people gathered for a while, they saved the detection portal and immediately fled.

Even so, two or three were fortunate to quickly rise and be led by each other. I hope they come back, I think they have fallen.

He turned to me and asked: "So, is it our turn?" He said we expect a little more. But we have not seen the man, we started to feel a little discouraged. However, it does not add "people have the mind".

After a long wait, a 40-year-old woman appeared. She seems to be angry at being distracted, so she goes to bed. Has anyone heard their story immediately to help them?

Come to my Dinh Stadium to see Vietnam without tickets, joke but very real - Photo 3.

Printing the payment of "fresh money"

"Who is out of here," pointed to the fence far from the guard's eyes. This price will go straight to the main door to buy black market is also the same. But a third, four agreed immediately. These people took her to the corner further away, where a man was waiting. They went up to the bottom without being stained.

Later, he came back. We offer 1 million for 3 people. For a moment, the middle-aged woman took them to the corner. Inside, of course, there was a man waiting. "Come in and give me the money, get up," inserts us.

When the three went up to the ground. He took us through a dark road, embedded by the edge of a stinking water tank – as I think the residual water. Narrow, tight, dark as ink, be careful not to slip your right foot. But it was as far as Sun Wukong "riding clouds to the wind." This should happen as a meal.

Going through the darkness, my Dinh Stadium appeared before our eyes. "Come here, I go, the three boys always." He indicated the motorcycle that had been built before. On the short path to B, we ask as if this were correct. In response, he stated out loud: "How long I do this, sure."

The car stuck us behind pillar B. There was another man waiting in front of him. We paid the man to drive 1 million and then divided the man to the top. After that, the three of us keep climbing again. But this time, their eyes clash, the shadow of the black guard was ready.

However, seeing the shadow of the other man, they immediately avoided the road without asking whether the three of us had tickets or not. As promised initially, we were taken to the stands without any obstacle. There was no seat because the first game started in a few minutes. I'm not sure if I can get a seat before without having to buy a ticket. You only know, the boy who held the ticket in front of me whispered: "Buy tickets and you still have to stand still …".

Story at the posts A

A similar story also takes place in media A. However, the payment method is different. After crossing the front door and the first security with the help of the flight attendants, the fans arrived at the entrance door in the lobby. Those that do not have tickets are aligned next to a wall next to the stairs in Hall A.

You only have to wait for the man and signal to the security personnel, the supporters as fast as the squirrels, jump and swing on the railing to enter. Before leaving, the spotting fans do not forget to go back to their hands to protect something and join the flow of people who are rushing into the garden.

Come to my Dinh Stadium to see Vietnam without tickets, joke but very real - Photo 4.

When you are too impatient, you do not need to ask for security personnel.

According to a percentage of fans on the street, 300,000 VND were lost to the patio. The door is 200,000 VND, the door is two 100,000 VND, where to pay to go there. The entry tracking team also ignored this situation. No tail to buy tickets, there is no need to spend millions of them still in the yard, they also have the privilege of sitting where to sit, unfortunately late to accept the post but of course still "happy."

There were some followers who witnessed the incident. Of course, nobody wants to speak, because in their minds they simply have to think quickly in the garden to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of a beautiful party prepared to carry it out. Even when the game is about to begin, some people are so impatient that they have to help climb the wall massively, not forgetting the security forces in the garden.

Before the game, there are many people who ask "How to buy tickets?". They lined up for about 12 hours, pinched, pushed and even confronted the scared tutors to get a ticket. But there are people who do not need tickets to enter the stadium.

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