Wednesday , May 12 2021

Confucius Quỳnh is getting older after the break Ngo Ngoc Huy

In the past, Confucius and Ngô Ngọc Nguyen were constantly following the case after eight years, causing much regret on the part of the fans. However, until now, the two privileges have not expressed their approval. Before that, Qin Qiu often refused rumors but netizens are still curious.

"As Huy's girlfriend, I understand that I should and do nothing to be the best for him. My personality is very stubborn, I never like to ask or trust in her boyfriend, they affect her career. Although they do not appear as much as before , but my love story and Huy are still very good "- KHo Quynh shared in an interview three months ago.

Recently, Confucius Quỳnh seemed so strange that many people did not recognize. The singer completely changes the style of seduction sexy sweet to sexy. In the photos published on the social network, you can see 3 rounds of Confucius Quynh that have changed a lot compared to before. If old times, beautiful people are loved by the bright, beautiful now makes the audience surprised with the same look and sexy fashion. Many people guess, the emotional shock to Ngo Kien Huy made Confucius Quynh decide to change to renew.

Stunned by the strange image, the old days of Confucius Quỳnh after farewell Ngo Kien Huy - Photo 1
Confucius Quỳnh lost twelve after tackling the case of Ngo Van Huy Huyen – Photo: Internet

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