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Earn money by throwing bottles after the Vietnam battle

Saturday, 11/17/2018 00:30 (GMT + 7)

After reaching the Vietnamese-Malaysian meeting, the 66-year-old man picked up scrambled eggs to collect garbage.

Mr. Dung's clip picked up the bottle after the game The Vietnamese team came to Malaysia with the score 2 – 0.

On the evening of November 16, after thousands of fans on Nguyen Hue Street (District 1, Ho Chi Minh City) met Malaysian team at My Dinh Stadium (Hanoi) after a 2-0 win. The bride welcomed and returned home happily.

The fans got up to leave the city walking through the plastic cups, paper boxes and a large amount of waste indiscriminately. Around the trash, the garbage dumped. In the middle of the "junk mountain", a man wearing a tape of "Viet Nam Victory" carrying a small bag, Nguyen The Dung (66 years old, Nam Dinh; HCM).

Earn money to catch bottles after Vietnam - Malaysia - 1

Mr. Nguyen The Dung took a bottle full of bottles on Nguyen Hue Street.

Having talked to PV, he just took the plastic bottles, said Mr. Dung, he usually took 4-5 plastic bottles, beer cans and everything can be sold in bottles. Particularly, the streets of Nguyen Hue are full of people like the night of November 16, so that they can be collected more.

"I'm doing the whole day of Tao Dan Park, 23/9, … on the pedestrian street. Thousands of people, but not every day, are enough to go like this. Today sitting to see the soccer ball now picked up, but nothing is full, "Dung said.

Earn money to catch bottles after Vietnam - Malaysia - 2

Garbage in the whole pedestrian Nguyen Hue.

Earn money by throwing bottles after Vietnam - Malaysia - 3

In addition to underground plastic bottles, Mr. Dung also found more in the bin.

According to the observation of PV, Mr. Dung picked up plastic bottles and plastic cups, but also contributed to the amount of waste on the streets of Nguyen Hue after Vietnam-Malaysia was reduced. After the meeting, garbage removal workers were also present to clear all remaining garbage.

Sharing with journalists, Mr. Dung said he had left his homeland to live in the city of Ho Chi Minh and remained alone. Hair removal has helped you to make a living throughout the day, helping protect the environment, because plastic bottles and plastic cups are very difficult to break.

Mr. Dung revealed that each bag is full of different types of bottles, so the price is difficult to identify bottles, which often range from some dozens to approximately 100,000, sometimes up to 200,000. For the day the Vietnamese team knows Malaysian in the AFF Cup qualifier, expects to win at least 500,000, including millions of dong, if it is difficult to take bottles until late.

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