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Extraordinary traffic inspection at the Hanoi-Lang summit post-US-choose

Thursday, February 28, 201 10:14 PM (GMT + 7)

The General Directorate of Vías de Vietnam coordinates with the Department of Traffic Police and the Ministry of Public Safety to inspect the work of securing traffic in section NH1A of the section of Hanoi – Lang Son.

Extraordinary traffic inspection in Hanoi - Lang They are after the EU-Trieu-1 summit

Vietnam's National Road Administration delegation and the Traffic Police Department checked and directed contractors to remedy the shortcomings on road 1, section Hanoi – Lang Son

This afternoon (February 28), the General Directorate of Ways of Vietnam coordinated with the Department of Traffic Police and the Ministry of Public Safety to inspect and review the work to ensure traffic safety and the progress of construction of traffic in the NH1A, section Ha. Boy – Son of Lang.

Speaking to the traffic newspaper, Mr. Dang Van Trung, deputy director of the Department of Traffic Safety (VNA), said the results of the inspection showed that the surface of the road in both directions: Hanoi – Lang Son and vice versa. soft version of construction.

"The Ke intersection of the Bac Giang province under the construction of an advance has an unoccupied road surface, some of the surface of the wavy road. The General Department asked the contractor that Bac Giang – Lang Son BOT Joint Stock Company to immediately stop the road , wrinkle, compensate and expand the bidirectional barrier system, guaranteeing the quality and width of road service convenience of work delegations, "said Mr. Trung, the General Department also asked the contractor to complete the work to overcome the loss points of traffic before tomorrow night (1/3).

"After completing the repairs, vehicles and machines must be quickly removed from the surface of the road for good traffic, guaranteeing security for international missions through," said Trung.

Extra traffic inspection in Hanoi 1 - Lang Sound after the US-Trio dome - 2

Barriers to construction at the intersection of Ke are forced to widen to ensure the surface of the road

Lieutenant Colonel Ngo Van Phuc, deputy commander of the Traffic Police Department, the Bac Giang Provincial Police, also said that National Route 1A goes through the province of Bac Giang with a length of more than 37 km and that many roads are in the process update and renewal. In order to guarantee an absolute traffic order during the EU-Trips in Vietnam, the Traffic Police, the Bac Giang Provincial Police, cooperate with the contractors and the Transportation Department to organize fair channels.

"The section that crosses the intersection of Ke is in the process of being built so we regularly organize the duty to direct the channel to ensure that traffic jams do not occur, to serve the trip of people and delegations of work, be convenient, smooth "Lieutenant Colonel Phuc said.

Mining detection technology on the 1 st road of Lang Son - Hanoi

The mine detection force along the Lang Son route to Hanoi before the US-Choose one.

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