Monday , May 10 2021

Faced with a truck carrying cassava, a young motorist killed in his place

The accident occurred at 8 in the morning (November 16), on the national road 6, village Trai, commune of Chieng Dong, district of Yen Chau, province of Son La.

At that time, the fresh cassava truck that carried the 14C – 23177 marine control of Nguyen Van Dung (born in 1977, located in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh province) controls traffic in the direction of Son La goes to Hanoi. When you drop the Chieng Dong Pass, up to 256 + 600 km, clash with a motorcycle in the opposite direction that the 26F1 – 7455 control boat is carrying on by a woman.

The scene of the accident. Photo: Thu Thủy

The scene of the accident. Photo: Thu Thủy

Then, the car continued to collide with another motorcycle that carried the control plane 26L1 – 01254 also run by a woman in the opposite direction. The car continues through the slope, up to the 256 + 40 km run over the new runway.

As a consequence, women who drive the motorcycle collide after the death and the injured are taken to the emergency room.

On the scene, the car was seriously damaged; Cassava in the car was cleared on the road, the driver only slightly injured.

Receiving the news, the workforce quickly reached the scene to investigate, to clarify the cause of the accident.

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