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Fox Sports advises Vietnamese players to attack Malaysia

Before the meeting between Vietnam and Malaysia on 11/16, writer Scott McIntyre advised that Vietnam should be sure to attack Malaysia.

DIRECTV Vietnam vs. Malaysia 19:30 or 16/11 (AFF Cup 2018)

Fox Sports advises that Vietnam players should attack Malaysia

Scott McIntyre, who has always followed events in Southeast Asia football, understands the power and strengths of Vietnamese and Malaysian football.

Before the duel between the two teams of the AFF Cup Group this year, the famous pulse of Asian sports that Vietnam Tel should play by attacking Ma before the moderation on the way to enter U23 Vietnam in Asian Asian U23 Asian or Asian.

Fox Sports advises Vietnamese players to attack Malaysia before the image
Fox Sports advises Vietnamese players to attack Malaysia

"To be honest, in Southeast Asia, the Vietnamese team is not afraid of any adversary. They are in the best teams and have many excellent technical players. Look back at 90 minutes of meeting in Laos, the Vietnamese team has 80% control of the game, dominated the game completely. Players trust and show a professional style.

The central line and the national team of Vietnam at this time all the good players. If I keep playing like before each adversary, I think that Thailand will not stop Professor Park Hang Seo. Even in the 2019 Asian Cup, I think that this player can still continue to pick up. "Fox Sports said.

However, McIntyre writes that Vietnamese players, though attacked but not hurried, can make mistakes.

He added: "Both teams play attacking football, so the upcoming promises are very open. Vietnam's team must play as the encounter with Laos, half way to keep the ball firmly, wait patiently for the opportunity and not run .


This is the Vietnam team's game to win, because they are playing at home, and at the same time holding pretty strong. If you do not win the 3 points in My Dinh, that will be disappointing.

However, the most important thing is that the Vietnamese team should try to control the pace of the game, forcing opponents to play at their discretion. All mistakes or omissions make them pay. "

The encounter between Vietnam and Malaysia will take place at 7:30 p.m. tonight and was informed directly by, the result of the meeting. Track your followers.

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