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"General to command troops, you should not trust the provincial classification"

In the afternoon of November 6, the discussion in the Hall of the People's Law Bill (amended), many comments are concerned about the highest rank for the position and title of the force officer.

Representative Pham Van Hoa said that the number of generals under the bill are many, by the position of prime minister and the equivalent number 32; General function 139.

Prior to the bill, the director of the provincial public security department, type I, was general "naked" (currently has 11 units throughout the country), Hoa said that such regulations would be inadequate, because the same Director of provincial public security is the same, but "some people have the rank of general, others have the rank of lieutenant".

"In the context of Vietnam in peace, the world is praised as a stable country in terms of political security and social order." Do you need such a large quantity? "Mr. Hoa say

Representative Pham Van Hoa. Photo: Congress press center.

Representative Pham Van Hoa. Photo: Press Center of the National Assembly.

Supporting the point of view should consider the regulations of the Division General's rank with the Provincial Public Security Director, type I, Deputy Minister Nguyen Tao said that if the regulation as a bill, there will be a race to update the provincial level for be eligible General.

Secretary General of the director of public safety complex

Delegate Nguyen Van Duoc – President of the Vietnam War Veterans Association, affirming the position, commanders to command troops, not necessarily for each province type I, should be general. Therefore, he suggested the area where the order, security complex is the prime minister for the provincial police.

Representative Nguyen Van Duoc. Photo: Hoang Phong.

Representative Nguyen Van Duoc. Photo: Hoang Phong.

It was also said that the military and the police are all the armed forces, but "when it is at a meeting of the Provincial Committee, one side of the general (Director of Public Security), a party (commander of the provincial military commando) is not happy" .

The exchange of opinions does not necessarily stipulate that the Director of Public Security of 11 provinces and cities is a general, such as the bill, the delegate Bui Sy Loi – Vice President of the proposed Social Affairs Committee, what is the province? In matters of defense and security, the minister is mobilized in that area, assigned by the Minister of Public Security.

"We suggest that when the locality is identified as a key point for security and national defense, the commander of the provincial military command is also the same as the general director of the provincial police department," he said.

The provinces of type 1 are the main areas of security and order

Support for the regulation of the "roof" with the provincial police chief, type I, Colonel Nguyen Huu Cau-Nghe Analyzes the director of public security, the workload of the local police (mainly at the level the province will represent 80% of the force Total work of the People's Police and more than 85% of the total personnel.

On the other hand, in the system of officers of the Popular Police, the Director of the Provincial Police is identified as an immediate subordinate and may plan to appoint the Deputy Minister of Public Security. Therefore, the ranking rank and title of the Provincial Director of Public Security must be relatively correlated with the position of Head of the units under the Ministry.

Representative Nguyen Huu Cau. Photo: Hoang Phong.

Representative Nguyen Huu Cau. Photo: Hoang Phong.

According to Mr. Cau, the administrative units at the provincial level of category I were classified; These provinces are the key areas and the security and order complexes. Every year they can process from 1,000 to 3,000 criminal cases and the number of defendants from 1,500 to 6,000. As a result, the provincial police must have full attention, including the highest rank for the Director as Division General.

Speaking at the meeting, To Lam's Public Security Minister said the leading editorial agency will continue to coordinate closely with the interested units to gather ideas, review and finalize the bill.

According to the work program, on the morning of November 21, the National Assembly will consider and vote through the bill.

The highest rank for the positions and titles of the Public Security officers of the People (article 25 – Law of modification of the popular security of the people).

a) General: Minister of Public Security;

b) General Lieutenant: Deputy Minister of Public Security;

c) General lieutenant: director and equivalent; Vice President of the Inspection Committee of the Party Central Committee; Director of the Hanoi Police Department, Director of the Municipal Police in Ho Chi Minh;

d) Division General: Heads of units in the Ministry of Public Security and equivalent positions and titles; Deputy Director and equivalent of the units of the Ministry of Public Security;

The provincial / municipal counselors of the Public Security Service will be classified as administrative units of the provincial level of level I;

Vice-Chairman of the Inspection Committee of the Central Committee Police Commission;

Deputy Chief of Police of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

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