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Gong Feng was shot down by the words of coach Hang Seo

Guo Hang-seo park takes the apostles to the ground with the same statement in cold - Photo 1.

Park Coach Hang-seo said he was pleased with the performance of the students. Image: Tien Tuan

Vietnam's team continues to show impressive performance in the AFF Cup 2018 with a 2-0 win over Malaysia thanks to the Cong Phuong and Anh Duc phase. After the game, coach Hang-seo expressed satisfaction with the students' performance, especially Cong Phuong.

"Cong Phuong is one of the three most important attackers of the Vietnamese team, so Phuong scored the goal, which is in my opinion," said the South Korean strategist. He has a good ability to finish, he has skills to handle the ball in a narrow area, which is the factor that Phuong is a player capable of causing mutations.

The 60s said he was not thinking about the team's status at the time because he wanted to keep the players focused on the next game of Myanamar. In addition, he also answered questions about the selection decisions of his staff.

Hang-seo Autocares Park takes the Congo to the ground with the correct word of coldness - Photo 2.

Cong Phuong continued filming in the 2018 AFF Cup. Photo: Hoang Anh

Speaking about the transfer of captain Van Quyet at the bank, Park said: "The decision is a great player and has been assured of talent over the years. The Vietnamese team has 23 players to choose from, so Van Quy was not selected from the beginning . "

Sharing on the continued use of midfielder Quang Hai and Xuan Truong, the South Korean coach said: "At the ASIAD, Quang Hai was tested downtown and showed the qualities, Competitive competition to play in the middle of the field.

Xuan Truong in the Indonesian tournament does not work well for health problems. But when he is in good shape, he shows his abilities. I think that Quang Hai and Xuan Truong are the right center duo at the AFF, they are the bridge between the attack and defense. "

He added: "Before the game, I asked Hai and the school to focus on the defense of Malaysia, it is very strong and the attack is not much more."

Hang-seo Autocares Park took the police to the ground with the correct word coldly - Photo 3.

Germany increased the score to 2-0 for the Vietnam team. Image: Tien Tuan

Meanwhile, the Anh Germany forward, who continues to show the coast in order to score 2-0, can not hide happiness. Vietnam's senior general said:

"We Playing at home, everyone saw how fans were encouraging, waiting each hour to buy tickets. That is the motivation to win today, for me it is a very respectful thing.

In addition, Binh Duong's player also explained the situation to prevent the local public from having criticisms of bad players in this game. Mr. Duc said:

"In this case, I also saw the situation when the defender made a trick with Cong Phuong." In the stands, I saw many bottles and jars thrown and I thought that was not good. Of course, fans always favor the local team but should not react that way.

Guo Hang-seo park took the police to the floor with the correct word coldly - Photo 4.

AFF Cup 2018 Vietnam Team Timetable

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