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He defeated many great names, BTS Grand Slam MGA 2018


On the afternoon of November 6, the MBC Plus Genie Music Awards 2018 (MGA 2018) was officially celebrated, this is the new award ceremony of Kpop hosted by MBC along with the Genie music website. The awards ceremony was held with the participation of the stars of Kpop and the world as Charlie Puth, BTS, DÚVIA, WANNA ONE, etc. The list also won the not surprising audience with the main name BTS.

In this awards ceremony, the organizers Genie Music Awards 2018 (MGA 2018) will honor high performance artists and musical works, a clear process of selection of entrepreneurs and transparent criteria.

BTS has won the MBC Genie Popularity Awards, Best Male Group, Digital Album of the Year, Artist of the Year ...
BTS He has won the MBC Genie Popularity Awards, Best Male Group, Digital Album of the Year, Artist of the Year, …

WANNA ONE impresses with the song Song of the Year beautiful.
WANNA ONE impressed with the song Song of the Year Beautiful.

DUCHA GANA MELLOR - Artist selling the year, Best female group, ...
TWO TWO Win the best selling artist of the year, the best female group …

On the night of the inaugural event of the ceremony this year, all prizes MGA 2018 We will find the owner, including two important Daesang Album of the year e Artist of the Year they belong BTS. The list of winners includes:

Discovery of the year: Celeb Five

Best choreographer: They are Seung DeokIDOL OBTS)

Best male dance performance: Fake LoveBTS

Best Female Performance Dance: BBBoom BBoomMOMOLAND

Best male vocal performance: Beautiful WANNA ONE

Best Female Vocal Performance: JengaHeize

Better performance Rap / Hip Hop: Scenery LoveiKON

Better band performance: Take meDAY 6

Best female groupTWO TWO

MBC Plus Star Awards: WANNA ONE

Best international pop artist awards: Charlie Puth

Genius MBC Popularity Prizes: BTS

Best male group: BTS

Best producer: Bang Shi Hyuk (President of the company of BTS)

Best solitary male artist: Jung Seung Hwan

Best female singer artist: Chungha

Better global performance: TWO TWO

Best OST award – I can not go – BEN (Because this is my first life)

Better male beginner: Stray Kids

Best female beginner: (G) I-DLE

Best sales artist of the year: TWO TWO

Song of the year: Beautiful WANNA ONE

Artist of the Year: BTS

Digital album of the year: Love Yourself: AnswerBTS

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