Saturday , April 17 2021

Hundreds of cases for officials who lease apartments for incorrect matters

On November 16, the Da Nang Inspection has completed the inspection of compliance with policies and legislation in the management of the communities owned by the condominium management company, now the management center. management and exploitation of Danang.

Thus, through the inspection of more than 1,320 box registers and officials who are leasing apartments in the state, the Da Nang Inspection has found more than 200 documents that lack roles; 98 cases in wrong matters; If they contracted 61 cases out of the list. In addition, there are 132 cases of conversion of apartments without the written approval of the competent authority.

Notably, the review of the previous records, the inspection found that there are 495 apartment blocks although they still own the entire house or residential land, while the apartment only leaves employees with no housing, they need Emergency Accommodation to rent. The real apartments 190/1324 showed that there were 2 non-regular checks at the time of the inspection, 8 unplanned blockades and 17 other cases. In addition, there were 51 cases of blockade at the time of the inspection confirmed by the Chief. There were 2 empty cases, a case of repairs of houses, 11 non-regular residence cases and 8 cases of other cases.

Prior to this situation, the city president instructed the relevant agencies to certify cases of ineligibility to rent the apartment, to recover the apartment; review eligibility for housing support policies; Propose the handling of cases in which land or houses are available but still use the apartment building; Review the responsibilities of the agencies and organizations concerned.

Tam An

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