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"I am deceived!"

The children of Khanh Thi 2 revealed that the husband had remarried him innocently in the past, took him home again.

VEHICLE VIDEO: Khanh Thi, Huong Giang appears in Who is.

Recently, "the mother of two children" Khanh Thi appeared on the mentoring team of the TV show Who is he? along with Huong Giang, Dai Nghia, Truong The Vinh. Despite having a husband and children, Mrs. Dancesport Khanh Thi also loves the beautiful Miss Giang.

Especially this time a face appears that admires all 4 admirers because of the brightness. However, Huong Giang immediately lifted up surveillance. Miss thought about him "There is danger".

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Before Huong Giang's sentence, Khanh Thi shared: "You have to get experience from her husband. In the past, her husband always laughed innocently, but returned to find himself crazy.

Huong Giang agreed immediately: "I agree with you. No naive man likes playing with parrots, with a python." Meanwhile the counselors agreed to the danger, Dai Nghia seemed to be taking into account the aspect and declared immediately, "I hate those who are prettier than me".

This statement was supported by Tran Thanh. Dai Nghia continues: "If so, we hate all of us" Zhen Cheng said: "Come on!" This candidate must also laugh.

In the show, female leader MC Chan and admirers admired the most beautiful appearance. JooLee – A girl born and raised in Canada. Intelligent and kind, JooLee revealed that she had a relationship of six years abroad, but decided to return to Vietnam, where she and her boy had to bid farewell.

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The beautiful girl made the artists and the studio inspirational.

Listening to the story of the girl, Huong Giang and Truong The Vinh have the same concern that having a deep relationship with the young foreigner if JooLee can accept the Vietnamese guys with the difference of thoughts, opinions. However, JooLee said that it does not matter if his boyfriend is Vietnamese or foreigner, only has a strong and independent personality is fine.

He helped JooLee find the right guy, but barely male candidates appeared on stage, counselors immediately recognized today would be a tough day when the 5 young people are too attracted. and personality. Even Zhenqing must shake his head: "How to lead this program!"

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Meanwhile, Huong Giang did not calm down: "This is the end product."

At this time, Huong Giang has the opportunity to divide the suffering with three companions in the continuous position against the extremities without action. Do not miss the opportunity, "good friend" Zhen Cheng is satisfied again with Huong Jiang that the program will send the gift gift given by "Duc Anh Ship to Germany".

At the moment the results, Huong Giang – Dai Nghia shared the same team while Khanh Thi and Truong The Vinh brought the table back. Queen Dancesport also added: "As for the look, Khanh Thi also wants to enter. "

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After hearing this, Tran Thanh immediately demanded that he immediately request a report to Phan Hien, which caused the commission to die.

Surprisingly, while the advisers are in a heated debate on how to handle this boy in the presentation clip, Huong Giang went to the stage to shape his hands. Seeing this scene, Zhen Hua immediately asked him to return at the same time and announced that he would avoid contact with the candidates.

Truong The Vinh only ran against the crowd, while the 3 advisers took the table Gender no. 3 Only the actor thinks this guy is still single. Volume 3 Who is he? Issued on Friday – November 16 on HTV2 and TV Entertainment.

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