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Jennie continued to exploit the "fake & # 39; attitude" by Lisa at the concert

Friday, 11/16/2018, 4:51 PM (GMT + 7)

Friday, 11/16/2018, 4:51 PM (GMT + 7)

In recent days, Jennie has continuously become the focus of K-pop fanatics.

A cut video from the program Stay of Black Pink in concert last week suddenly "floating like" on Twitter. In the video, while the members were sitting on the stage, the fanatics waved, Lisa's arm was accidentally placed in front of Jennie. Jennie smiled at him and immediately walked away, not forgetting throwing a "not very friendly" look to his younger brother.

Jennie continued to be furious when Lisa was in the show

Commenting on this video, an heated argument arose between Jennie's fanatics and Lisa's fans. Many Lisa fans said that this is not the first time that Jennie expressed his attitude towards the younger Black Pink. Many critics of his false moments after the cold weather, Jennie was crying on stage to draw attention to her.

For a few seconds, Jennie leaned forward and looked at Lisa's incredibly affectionate face. "Data-natural-h =" 335 "data-natural-width =" 600 "src =" ///////////////// ///

Before a few seconds, Jennie leaned over Lisa's shoulder, she seems very emotional.

Jennie is smiling at the fans ... "data-natural-h =" 330 "data-natural-width =" 600 "src =" 11- 16-2018-2-53-38-PM-9785-1542357480.png

Jennie is smiling at the fans …

... change of attitude after being obscured by Lisa's arm. "data-natural-h =" 374 "data-natural-width =" 600 "src =" 2018/11/16 / 4-6498-1542357480.jpg

… changed the attitude after being covered by Lisa's arm.

Jennie's subsequent tears were also flagrantly false. "Data-Natural-H =" 358 "data-natural-width =" 600 "src =" / 2018/11/16 / 46353095-444436299418628-53802-2303-7476- 1542357480.jpg

Jennie's subsequent tears were also flagrantly false.

Neutral followers said they were disappointed to see Jennie's moment: "It would be good to sit down and not use discriminatory expression"; "It is true that the cover is correct, but is it necessary to watch it?"; "As you think your sister is so close, it's just like this"; "People shook their faces but smiled and changed their attitude"; "Just finished the attitude started crying so fans love, it's not like the princess YG" …

Meanwhile, Jennie's fans said that a small clip does not show anything. "What is the case between Jennie and Lisa? A moment of discomfort does not mean that Jennie hates intimidation with Lisa," said a lawyer.

In addition to this video, Jennie also received criticism because fans made other videos, claiming he was suffering from heart disease, often lazy dance, forgetting words, lip synchronization. It seems that with the inclination of YG for Jennie in this dream, the "turn-key" of Black Pink will also bring innumerable anti-Korean "netizens".

Lazy Jennie gather video

A video that summarizes the "lazy" moments in the Jennie stage.

Jennie lip synchronized

Jennie forgot, revealing the synchronization of her lips.


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