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Jennie's fashion style in the music video SOLO is "feverish" due to the amount of costumes and overwhelming prices

After a few hours of release, MV SOLO not only achieved many achievements but also caused "fever" by Jennie's fashion style.

On November 12, Jennie (BLACKPINK) officially launched his first music career title ONLY. The music video was Jennie's music and style, attracting both audiences and spectators.

After only a few hours, MV ONLY He won several successful singles: he reached 286,321 unique listeners in the first three hours of Melon, becoming the top 3 in the list of solo artists with more hits from the first hour of Melon, surpassing many. The classification in Korea, such as Genie, Naver TV, Bugs, Mnet … even hashtag #JENNIESOLO Now you have the # 1 trend around the world after more than an hour.

Jennie Fashion Style 11

The melody of the song and the fashion sense of Jennie made the MV ONLY It has a greater attraction than ever.

In the MV, Jennie replaced more than 20 suits of the high fashion brand, estimated total value of about 1 billion. The amount of dresses in the MV so much that if the visor blinked the eyes I also see Jennie in another image. Jennie's investment in Jennie's fashion sense made him see his "chameleon" with enough images of: soft appeal, strong personality.

Jennie is known as the "love brand", therefore, in this dream, YG is not afraid to invest a lot in the suit. But besides the number, Jennie's fashion style at MV also includes artists. Every emotional change is transmitted through clothing. What's special about MV ONLY You're telling the story in both music and fashion.

The beginning of the song is the image of a girl of bad humor, boring. The sexy black skirt of the Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini brings a mysterious and curious look to the public. This costume of $ 950 (over VND20 million) opened the scene for the MV. (Photo: @blackpinksstyle)

Jennie Fashion Style 2

In the first seconds, Jennie's fashion style is a fairly simple dress, new and comfortable. She begins to talk about what makes her tired in her daily life. (Photo: @ jenniekim.indo)

Fashion style jennie 01

Whether it's home clothes or not, Jennie is still the designer of the fashion house. The Burberry brand sweater has a price of $ 1,350 (about 30 million). (Photo: @jennie_style)

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A few seconds later, she "molted" her with the glamorous image on the frothy sparkling sparkling sequins of self-portrait sparkling sequins costing $ 413 (about 9 million). The dress fits in the moment that Jennie recognizes the false love and accepts to throw away the past. (Photo: @jennie_style)

Jennie's fashion style 5

The 10,000-dollar Off-White dress helped Jenny insist: "Although they are always bright and bright," he said. (Photo: YG Entertainment).

jennie 04 fashion style

The turning point for the boom is the segment Jennie shows the dances. Jennie chose a soft and classic dress. The design comes from the Marine Serre brand, which cost $ 1,846 (about $ 43 million), which is the first sign of change in the latter. (Photo: @jennie_style)

fashion style of jennie 03

One of the most impressive costumes was the retirement of Jennie from Daisy's dress for $ 395 ($ 9 million) … (Photo: @jennie_style)

fashion style Jennie 02

… for his hot incarnation in Swanwear Chanel costume is priced at $ 900 (about 20 million). And from here came the true man inside. Jennie intends to live for herself, with confidence and firmness. (Photo: @jennie_style)

Jennie's fashion sense

Female beauty is highlighted by Sandy Liang's $ 739 lady's jacket. The stunning necklace increases strength. (Photo: @jennierubyscloset)

Jennie's fashion sense

In another scene, Jennie suddenly becomes twelve with a pink tie of jeans and, especially, the blouse that points to Luciimartyr, which costs 240 euros (about 6 million dong). (Photo: @jennierubyscloset)

Jennie's fashion sense

The tendency of leopard prints has also appeared on the MV with a hat and a jacket. The necklace adds an optimistic, confident and elegant look to Jennie. The total cost of the suit is approximately 15 million. (Photo: @jennie_style)

Fashion style Jennie 07

The expensive Gucci leather jacket has a classic design but is adorned with hundreds of crystal spheres. The costumes help the singer to show a change both in the mind and in appearance. This luxury design has a price of $ 6,621 (about $ 150 million). (Photo: @jennie_style)

Jennie Fashion Style 3

The stunning design of the Richardquinn brand, priced at $ 2,280 (over $ 50 million), shows the brilliant brightness of Jennie. (Photo: @blackpinksstyle).

fashion style by jennie05

Jennie's fashion sense is diversified by her fascinating and glamorous designs, such as a short-cut red dress with short short boots. All dresses cost up to 46 million. Photo: @jennie_style.

fashion style jennie 26

Jennie wears Ashish sequin dresses at $ 2,075 (about $ 50 million). (Photo: @jennie_style)

fashion style by Jennie 22

For a moment, Jennie became a dusty girl with a printed dress that cost about 10 million. Once again, he insists on living and expressing himself through fashion. (Photo: @jennie_style)

fashion style by Jennie 20

At the end of the MV, Jennie broke up after suffering a relationship. Costumes are a combination of white women's clothing and leather jacket personality. The diversity of personality is reflected in Jennie's fashion sense. Daisy's white dress cost $ 395 (about $ 9 million). Photo: @blackpinksstyle)

fashion style by jennie 06

Jennie dressed in the style "hidden pants" of a combination of expensive items. The particularly detailed wings of angel, earrings and flowers of high flower blossoming with brightness show a part of happiness, freedom to be yourself. The total cost of the suit is approximately 88 million. (Photo: @jennie_style)

jennie 23 fashion style

Finally, the end of the song is an image of his charming, strong and something liberal, rebellious. The embraced design, the harmonious color and the bright lancers helped to convey all the meaning of the song. This design also has high prices – $ 2,458 (about 60 million). (Photo: @ Jennieruby & # 39; scloset)

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