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Long Japan: If I were a wife, I left this long Japanese girl.

Friday, 11/16/2018 4:49 PM (GMT + 7)

Long Japan shared the corner of the family for the first time, making many people surprised.

Clip extracts from episode 3 of the program "Words not spoken"

On November 15, episode 3 of the "Unspoken words" program was transmitted with the emotional story of the couple Kim Trinh – the last word before the divorce. Share with this couple are MC Dai Nghia and the artists of Long Nhat, Lam Vy Da.

After listening to the rumors of a married couple, Long used his own story to advise the two main characters in the show, as well as the audience to watch. through the small screen.

Long Japan: If I were a wife, I left this long Japanese girl. - 1

Long Japan distributes, her marriage lasted 20 years. Like many other couples, his family sometimes falls into the rapids, to the field. According to Long Japan, it is important to know how to deal with it and how to deal with it.

The singer declared, crushing what was simple but that kept her hard. "The husband and wife should not leave the grass and leave it in peace."

When her husband is angry, his wife is crazy, but according to Long Japan it is only a small thing. "Men should be good," says the wife, "I have a lot of worries about my wife, but my wife also talks a lot, but I've heard many things." Listen to sing to Yen Bao: "Long Japan makes the entire entity laugh at the fun way to explain the heavy air in the program.

Long Japan: If I were a wife, I left this long Japanese girl. - 2

In addition, the singer also revealed how to respond when the woman was too sorry. "When you tell me that they are like that, I only say one thing: my mother is not as good as my mother for a long time."

"I am my wife, I have long lost this boy, nor have any idea what to do with this artist."

He argues that being a true artist, the work of time and the place in constant movement is a great difficulty for the family. That is why he is more sympathetic and loves his wife more.

In the family, there is often that the wife said the simple thing, but it caused that Long Japanese thought extremely. "What are you doing?" He went to 2, at 3 in the morning and went out to eat, refused to go home. "Long Japan is guilty of not being able to take care of his wife and children as men. Other occupations.

He explained: "In the morning when my wife brought the children to school, I was still asleep, when they returned I did not wake up at night when my wife taught children to study, I have to leave. If I were a woman, I would leave Long Japan for a long time, "he said once again about his incomplete responsibilities as husband and father.

Long Japan: If I were a wife, I left this long Japanese girl. - 3

To encourage the two characters in the show to rethink the decision to divorce, Long Japan and Lam Vy Da stressed, conjugal love is the divine affection only after maternal maternal feelings. "Tragically, we must take our hands to the rest of our lives, it is raining with sun, there are storms, why are we leaving?"

Long Japan continues to present the situation when the family found the market, rumors of rumors about it. Singer remembered the hour in which it was a fanpage came out shameful, making dare not take their children to school. "People also said that I took Long Japan to get it, now that the page is not over, but I'm still going and I'm going to make money to raise children, something difficult to achieve is new, but too easy often. Gold must surpass fire test, "he said.

The story

It is no coincidence that many artists use the word "very respect" and "admiration" when speaking about Long Japan woman.

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