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Long suffocated because the husband just signed a divorce that sold renal debt to his wife

"It's so easy to get married, but it's hard to keep," he said.

SEE VIDEO: Long Nhat, Lam Vy Da got married because the husband just signed a divorce that was sold kidney, to pay the debt to pay his wife

Last night (15/11), TV show Words not yet spoken On HTV7 he played the audience with many special stories. Long Japan's singer and actress, Lam Vy Da, appears as a supporting and sharing character.

The king's longest time is the king of the coal mines - 1

He recently attended the show but did not wait for Long Japan and Lam Vy Da to tear out soon after.

Shaking the studio to the public can open the heart easier, Long Japan has confided: "When I was in grade 10, I loved a class girl. She is the girl in the song" I have a baby's queue "that helped me. Later, when he left abroad and returned, he was new." I like it, but not me I dare say it because he thinks of me like a girl of noodles, she is weak like a girl. "

Lam Vy Da happily said: "At the end of the morning, so I ran to get all the money in your pocket that had not yet spoken, ready to program, I want to make a text with her husband." The humor of the actress makes the show comfortable and open.

The king's longest time is the king of coal mines - 2

The most emotional program is the feeling of actress Kim Trinh.

The longest time with the king who has better than coal - 3

With a nervous and depressed face, she said: "I had some things to worry about for 3 months now and I am scared to say that something great has happened with my family that helped me understand my" half. "And who is love?"

She said:I'm very passionate about art, but my husband does not agree with me because I'm afraid. The couple struggled enormously. I say things that are very hard to hear, and he hit me, making me unable to control my emotions and fight. Go home, a couple of "cold war" for months.

Once I asked for a divorce, and agreed to sign the papers. The couple is in the waiting period for the case to be heard and resolved. After a week, I was in debt because of a stupid one but he did not say anything. The next day, someone called me by reporting my husband to the kidney hospital. I do not understand why it applied to me and still worries me. "

The king's longest time is the king of the coal mines - 4

She choked: "When I went to the hospital, I just said a phrase I will never forget: since my husband was, he has nothing to worry about".

The king's longest time is the king of coal mines - 5

"Until this day, too, now I am in debt, you are a husband, you are helpless, you do not know how to repay your debt so you decide to sell the kidneys," said the husband.

Kim Trinh shared: "I convinced him to come back, and for the rest of the road, the two remained silent until today, I want to apologize and thank you for being prepared to sacrifice part of the body for me."

On stage, Kim Trinh invited her husband to the stage and checked the memories and memories of the couple during the marriage, experiencing how many avatars. The two girls, the son of the couple, Kim Trinh, can not help the tears of the history of the parents.

The longest time the King is king of the coal mines - 6

Hoai Luong, husband of Kim Trinh, said: "18 years of love and marriage, husband and wife are happy, but when his wife is out of business, the couple talked back. Hot, I do not say back and always go .

After listening to the story of the couple Kim Trinh – Huaiyang, he said: "Being a person married for 10 years, they are very friendly because each couple is going through all the events. It is important that we can join and hold hands for you, for the good of the family not

My family is my personality, strong, my husband is calm. I used to think of myself as my husband and overcame her husband. But later, I learned something: even though I am a woman, I'm going home, I'm still married and my husband is still a husband. I still have to give a certain respect to my husband. "

The king's longest time is the king of the coal mines - 7

Lam Vy Da was played by the story of the couple Kim Trinh – Hoai Luong.

The king's longest time is the king of the coal mines - 8

For its part, Long Japan also shares: "Every couple is the same, we must know how to face and resolve the event, it's easy, but it makes it difficult. Are you sure you want to leave?"

The longest time the King is king of the coal mines - 9

He added: "Huo Liang should learn. My wife also complains about all day, listen to family and family, now see or like Bao Yen." The mood of Long Japanese makes the atmosphere of the study less stressful.

The longest time with the king who is more than 10 years old

After the spectacle, Kim Trinh promised the children, there would be no other fight, and never presented himself to divorce, from now on dying. MC Dai Nghia also sent the couple wishes early to overcome the difficult period and continue being happy together.

Game of victories, Japan long refused to divide money for the Japanese Kim Anh for children at home.

Long Japan "victory war" by defeating Japanese Kim Anh, Vo Minh Lam but does not intend to divide money according to MC's suggestions.

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